Another Hateful Prick

See the kind of values that strict Catholicism will bring you? Now Mel Gibson shows his true colors.

Knew It All Along
Years ago, there were comments about what a hateful, homophobic prick he was. He made insulting comments about the gay community and then denied them. He made movies that clearly showed disdain for effeminate men.

Thaddeus and I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in decades, specifically because of all the rumored hatred. And when he came out with that horrible anti-Semitic, Jesus movie, dubbed by a critic as “The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre” because of all the blood and gore, I knew the guy was a zealot and a nutjob.

Despite his hungover apology, his alcohol-induced tirade shows without a question that he hates Jews. I’m only surprised he didn’t accuse the office of being a fag.

I’ll be interested to see how “his camp” tries to spin this one, especially with his next movie due out at the end of the year.

Time With Blog Friends
Nothing better for a queerboy than Sunday brunch with friends.


I had the chance to spend some time with Kathy and Selma (pictured), and also Claudia and Liza (quilt gurus) and Liza’s husband, Drew. The food was perfect, and the company was better. If you look very closely at the picture, Liza is circled in red in the background.

Current Knitting
I did some additional work on the pink baby blanket, and it’s coming along nicely.

Baby 07-31-06

I also sewed up one shoulder seam on the Faux Rib pullover and started knitting the collar. Finally, I did some minor crochet work on the diagonal lap blanket.

I didn’t feel like sticking with any one project, so I just flitted back and forth between all of my current projects.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
k notes, “I have been assuming for a while that your blog is mainly written for a particular group, and the rest of us are just eavesdropping.”

In part, this is true. I write specifically looking for a readership that is smart, creative and opinionated. It turns out that you have to be somewhat thick-skinned to participate as well, which wasn’t intentional. I think the Newcomer Rules state pretty clearly how I expect visitors/readers to participate.

Regarding the baby blanket, kathy (with a small “k”) asks, “I like this pattern for baby blankets very much but I don’t see a reference to that pattern.”

It’s an old Lacey’s pattern that I got from one of my vintage, flea market pattern purchases. It’s quite a simple pattern stitch…very similar to basketweave with a yarnover in the middle of one of the squares.

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