A Horror-Filled Weekend

By the end of the weekend, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Rod Serling had entered my house and started talking to a television audience.

Reality Mimics Fiction
Saturday night, Thaddeus and I went to seen a new movie, Descent. I’m not sure if getting older has given me less of a stomach for horror movies, or if this movie just had a combination of factors that totally creeped me out.

First of all, it’s all women…gasp! Second, it entails cave exploration and climbing and crawling through very small spaces…gasp again! Finally, the horror part of the movie, was pretty gruesome. Suffice it to say, I didn’t enjoy the movie. In addition to making me feel tense for two hours, there are some plot discrepancies that are just plain stupid.

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m sound asleep on Saturday night, and I get woken up by what sounds like the rustling of paper. I figure Gage is trying to get our attention, so I try to ignore it, until I hear some buzzing/flapping noise in the blades of the ceiling fan above the bed. I’m thinking it’s a moth that Gage was chasing, or at worst, one of those big ugly black bugs I saw on our front door again. This keeps me awake for about five more minutes, until I see what looked like a large moth fly out of the bedroom. I go back to sleep.

Fast forward, Sunday afternoon, and I’m in the living room knitting, and Thaddeus is cooking in the kitchen. I look up to see a full size bat dive-bombing me and circling around the living room. Yes, a fucking BAT! I grabbed a cushion from the couch, and tried to cover myself, and made a noise loud enough to get Thaddeus to come running. Fortunately, he’s much more calm about vermin, and he was able to get it out of the house.

I was spooked for the rest of day…ugh!

Did That Stop Me From Knitting?

I made additional progress on the pink baby blanket.

I’m halfway through the seventh of ten balls of yarn on this one. I’m considering getting another ball of yarn if I don’t have enough to give the blanket a proportion of length to width that I’m satisfied with.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
k requests, “Do me a favor? Don’t ever run a contest. (I suspect I’m safe on this one.) Or a meme. Please.”

Actually, I have run contests, and I enjoy them sometimes. My favorite was a QSAT test, to test readers’ knowledge of QJ trivia. Some readers actually contacted my sisters to ask them answers. I’ve never been sent a meme, nor would I ever respond if I did.

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