What Is The Proper Use of the Word “Queer”?

I know some folks find the word “queer” objectionable in any form. I, obviously do not. I believe calling myself queer can make the word a label of pride, rather than hate.

Two things happened recently which made me ask myself this question.

Right and Wrong Way
First, Liza mentioned that her daughter didn’t think you should ever use the word queer. Then, Thaddeus said that he was watching the recently released on DVD “Cable Guy”, movie. In the movie, he was having a fantasy about debating on whether to go fishing with Kid Rock or do something else with a woman, the deer head on his mantle asked him whether he was queer when he was leaning more toward going fishing.

I think it all comes down to this. If you’re using the term in a derogatory or hateful or separating way, then you shouldn’t be using it. If you’re using it as a way of non-insulting description of a population, or to describe yourself, it’s probably an appropriate use of the word.

Many words can be either positive or derogatory based on the intent of the person using it.

Seems Okay

Seems Wrong

I promote the queer agenda.

That is totally queer.

He represented himself as a proud queer

How queer can he be?

Her singing is representative of queer music today

Her music shows that she is clearly queer

Fortunately, Thaddeus turned off the DVD as soon as the deer head started spouting derogatory remarks.

Current Knitting
I’ve made the standard amount of progress on the baby blanket by finishing up another ball of yarn and started on the next one.

I’m pretty certain I will buy at least one more ball of this yarn at Twist on Saturday. I’m planning a trip there sometime Saturday morning, I think.

Mini Spinning
Since I had emptied a couple of bobbins on the Robin wheel, I decided to try and spin up a little bit of the merino/hemp that Deb from Twist gave me for free that last time I was there. I got through enough to ply up a little bit of double-ply,and made this little hank o’ yarn.

Before I start getting any of those messages that say “how fast I spin”, or “why aren’t are working more on the baby blanket, rather than spinning”, or “finish the Romney ferchrissakes”, I guess I should show the hank with something in the picture to give it a little perspective.

Yes, I only spun up a few yards of the merino/hemp. I decided I didn’t like the combination of fibers as much as I had hoped I would. Mostly, I found the hemp coarse and not a very good mix with the merino. The yarn came out okay, but I didn’t enjoy the spinning experience very much.

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