Weekend Entertainment

Nothing better than a weekend filled with sun, food, knitting, movies and reading. But before I get to that, you just MUST check out Tricky Tricot’s blog article on AIDS Fatigue…sorry, it’s required reading before you continue. This will be on the final.

Current Reading
My supplier of well-written books has gone AWOL, and I had to settle for reading an old piece of trash a friend of mine gave me, thinking I might like it. I read Amateur City by Katherine V. Forrest.

I know I risk alienating the lesbian-mystery fans out there, but I can’t say I loved Katherine V. Forrest’s writing. I actually enjoyed the storyline, and the book is exactly what it’s supposed to be…just not really my taste in reading. Perfect light reading for a sun-filled Summer day.

Current Viewing
I’ve seen two recent movies lately, and I highly recommend both.

Clerks II is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. If you hated the original Clerks, you’ll probably hate this one too. The same lame actor, Brian O’Halloran plays the main character, Dante, and his acting hasn’t improved even a speck. Still yet, there were some scenes in the movie that made it all worth while. I am also totally in love with the unlikely love-interest in the movie, Rosaria Dawson. She is a stunningly gorgeous, brilliant actress.

The other movie that I saw, and that I’m also highly recommending, is Little Miss Sunshine. You can’t really go wrong with a movie that has Toni Collette and Alan Arkin in the cast, and the child actress cast in the main part is nothing short of perfect. I’m not usually a big fan of happy-little-movies, and I was expecting this to be one of those. It was, in part, but had a pretty cynical twist to it as well.

Current Knitting
I finished the main blanket, as I expected.

Now I’m debating on whether to do a border. I’m thinking a simple border using the same pattern stitch as the blanket itself, in reverse. That way, I can more easily weave in my numerous ends. I guess I can always try it, and rip it out if I don’t like it. But my deadline for this one is coming up soon.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Concerning my cynisism of the recent terrorist plot foiled by U.K. intelligence (especially M-H’s comment), I want to clarify. I truly believe the plot was real, and concerning the arrest of the Florida “terrorists”, I truly believe the plot was contrived and blown out of proportion by the U.S. government. My real point is that it’s difficult to believe anyting anymore because of all the lies until folks like the media and bloggers flesh out the real truth.

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