Rhinebeck 2008-6

Rhinebeck Approaches

My favorite fiber event of the year, and the time when most of the Wolverinas have their annual reunion.

Fresh Air Fund
To share this event, last year, I hosted the first annual Fresh Air Fund for Franklin, so that we could get him to come out to Rhinebeck.

It was a smashing success. For those that remember, Franklin finished his incredible Latin-inscribed sweater in time for the event, he got his first taste of spinning, and he indelibly made his mark as one of the more interesting knit-bloggers on the web today.

This year, Franklin has made it clear that he’ll be coming to Rhinebeck, and won’t need any financial assistance, so we’ve decided that Knitterguy Ted might like to join the event. So, please help us bring Ted to Rhinebeck with the Rhinebeck Fresh Air Fund for Ted this year.

We have a very modest goal of $300, which will include travel and lodging for Ted to get to Rhinebeck, and stay with Franklin and Lars at a B&B in upstate New York.

Current Knitting
I finished weaving in all the ends of the pink baby blanket, but I haven’t had the chance to wash and block it yet.


You’ll note the garter stitch edging distorts the shape of the blanket a little. I’m pretty sure the blocking will be able to fix that.

I also finished knitting a fold-over, hemmed collar for the Faux Rib pullover.

Faux 08-21-06

You’ll note I used a 1X3 rib on the outside of the collar to match the overall pattern of the sweater, and just plain stockinette on the inside to make it smooth on my neck and easy to sew down.

Now all I have to do is attach the sleeves and sew up the side seams. This sweater will be perfect for a cool autumn.

Meeting Readers
It usually happens at fiber festivals, like Rhinebeck, but sometimes I meet blog readers in various other places. Like my favorite restaurant in the town across the river from where I live.

As she mentioned in comments, Ann, from the Jersey Shore and her husband were sitting at the table right next to us, as she was on her way to check out Twist, my new favorite yarn store. It was a pleasure meeting another obsessed fiber addict, as Ann also knits, spins and quilts. We discussed it all, much to the dismay of her husband, and my partner.

I only wished I had had my camera with me.

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