Amazing Generosity

Thank you never seems enough when folks do things that are extraordinarily kind.

Two Great Things
On the first day of the Fresh Air Fund for Ted, we’ve already collected $70 towards his expenses of traveling to Rhinebeck and staying at a local hotel. Thank you to those who contributed. Every $5 or $10 contribution helps to bring a very talented and nice guy to one of the best fiber festivals. A non-U.S. reader noted that while she understood what the Fresh Air Fund was, many others might not. The Fresh Air Fund is a charity here in the states that brings inner-city children whose parents couldn’t afford to send them to camp, out to the country for a Summer vacation so they can see what it’s like to live outside an urban area. I’ve just stolen the name for this little fund drive.

For those who would like to contribute any amount, it is greatly appreciated.

The second thing, and this is totally unconnected with the fund, I got this in the mail yesterday from Canada.

It’s a wrist distaff that Ted made using his own handspun cotton. Since I started spinning the tussah/cashmere roving on a drop-spindle, the roving kept falling into the twisting single and getting all messed up. Honestly, I never knew how to use a wrist distaff, so I googled and a couple folks had pictures.

Here’s mine.

Current Knitting
I finished all weaving and blocking of the baby blanket and it’s ready to be sent off.

You’ll note I added a little pair of booties in white yarn, using the pink yarn as a cord accent. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the pattern stitch on the leg of the booties is the same as the blanket.

How cute.

I also finished weaving in all ends and sewing up the Faux Rib pullover. Unfortunately, it’s a little too dark out today to take a picture of me wearing it, so I’ll hold off posting that till next time.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Deborah C. asks, ” Joe, can blogless wonders like me contribute too? I’m planning on attending Rhinebeck and I would love to put a live face to the names I read.”

Yes, PayPal allows anyone with a credit card to contribute, and they’re making it easier and easier to do. We meet a lot of readers at Rhinebeck, and we usually post a specific time and location for lunch, so that folks can stop by and say hi and not risk missing anyone.

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