Such Excitement

Isn’t it great when a new design project starts to work right from the start?

Black Bunny Hopalong
Not fond of the name. Not fond of knit-alongs. But I am incredibly glad I was convinced to participate in this project.

I decided to use a huge hank of laceweight yarn that I bought from Carol a while ago.


Just winding this ball took about 15 minutes of constant winding.

I selected three lace patterns from Barbara Walker’s second treasury and did the math and before I knew it, I had finished 37 rows of my new lace stole.


The bottom few rows in light gray are just a few rows of stockinette that I’m using as waste yarn/provisional cast on. On each side, there will be a border of more solid lace, and in the center, a looser, more open lace pattern.

Here’s a closeup.


I’m really loving knitting this. The yarn is soft and gorgeous, the color differentiations are perfect for this pattern, and the pattern stitch is interesting, but not overly complex.

This will be my next published pattern on The Knitting Vault.

If you want to see a little more detail on how I started this project (plus all the other blog posts from Black Bunny Hopalong folks), check out the Hopalong Blog.

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