Five Years…

…and I’m disgusted with the media and the government at how this anniversary is being used for ratings and political manipulation.

Personal Rememberances
I will remember this day, since it had a significant impact on my life, with reverence and sadness.

I won’t be watching any memorials, or presidential visits to crash sites.

Like charity, I think memorializing the past should be kept to one’s self, and not paraded around for show.

Current Knitting
The two lace patterns I’m using for the Celestine Shawl are both surprisingly easy. Since they both have different number of rows in the repeat, it requires that I do a little calculation to figure out which row I’m on in both patterns, but overall, the knitting of this shawl is fun and easy.

I don’t know why I had such difficulty at one point in the shawl.

This is a little over 200 rows of knitting, and it’s moving on a little more quickly now.

Other Knitting
I got a little impatient for something a little more quick in my knitting than the lace shawl, so I also decided to whip out a quick little novelty scarf.

I keep a bunch of these around, just in case my friend asks me to do another craft show and sell these things.

Orchid Re-Blooming
I’m happy to say that our little orchid that Thaddeus picked up at the flea market from a friend who had “rescued” them from an abandonned hot-house, has bloomed again.

The last blooming was at the end of July last year.

In my opinion, it’s worth the wait.

A Brandon Event
Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia is hosting Brandon Mably on Thursday, October 5th. He will teach a workshop on knitting with color. I know these workshops fill up quickly so, e-mail the shop if you want details.

Anyone who’s ever hung out with Brandon, knows what a creative and funny guy he is.

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