Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Is My Hero

It is unfathomable that the other media faces haven’t done the same. Finally, someone who points out the emperor’s lack of clothing.

I Was Starting To Think…
…that perhaps my thoughts on this corrupt, hateful, manipulative government were in the minority. A few blog entries ago, I linked to a video where Mr. Olbermann defended Iraq protesters from the insults of the president, but in his latest commentary, he has outdone himself.

I’m surprised they haven’t airlifted this man to one of the 14 overseas CIA detention camps.

Current Knitting
I’m halfway through the knitting of the main section of the Celestine Shawl.

Stole 09-14-06

I love this shawl for a number of reasons. First, the knitting of it has been enjoyable. Even the fixing of mistakes have been an interesting lesson in un-knitting for me (thanks in part to some of the commenters on this blog). Second, the stole is long enough now that I can drape it over my legs whilst I’m knitting it, and it is soft, lightweight and warm. Finally, while my pictures don’t do it very much justice, the shawl is quite beautiful, and will be even more so after it’s been blocked.

Flea Market Finds – AGAIN
There must be a lot of old houses being cleaned out of former knitters from the 1930’s and 1940’s. I found these six booklets at the flea market yesterday.

Flea 09-14-06

The Minerva booklets from back then are spectacular, but I was also quite glad to find the two Knitting for Servicemen books from 1940 and 1941. The designs are dreadful, but I love the history they represent.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kathy states, “I want to know about the teeth marks on the needle…”

Eagle-eye Kathy is asking about the bite marks on the wooden needles I used to show the e-wrap cast-on. They’re from Gage. Whenever he wants attentions, he will find something to scratch, chew or swallow that will quickly gain either mine or Thaddeus’ attention. He seems to know exactly what works, especially when he tries to swallow yarn or bite my good wooden needles.

Kathleen asks, “How did you get your orchid to re-bloom??”

Thaddeus is the one with the green thumb in this household, but honestly, he did nothing special. He just watered it.

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