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If Only To Dream…

A friend of mine sent this to me, so I asked if it was alright if I published it. I love his writing and find this piece to be representative of how I see him.

Just for You πŸ˜‰
We are all fools. The human animal is so stupid, “he” (insert generic he/she/whatever here) can’t see the danger in front of his eyes. The danger is there, jumping up and down waving its arms, kicking up its heels and man just plows on. He hops in his SUV, coupe, bicycle, moped (god knows why someone would have a moped), unicycle, and off they go, following the carrot. They march up and down the streets, up capitol stairs, through urban blight. Sometimes they go to the extremes of locking themselves to heavy machinery or trees or fences. What kind of moronic behavior is this? I’ll tell you…..it is the behavior of a populace divided and conquered. That is right..the human species is so completely divided and conquered,
that they could not reasonably make any relevant change in the world even if their lives depended on it. Oh…wait…their lives do!! What do I mean? Well take a look around. Who are these divided demonstrating individuals? Are they the CEO’s of major corporations; the aging political fogeys running the country; the elite playboys and playgirls of the world? No, they are the middle, lower and disenfranchised classes of the world. And all the CEO’s, fogeys and playpeople are laughing their asses off. (Can I say asses in print?) While the rich and powerful are getting more rich and powerful, the little people are running around, wigging out about global warming, gay marriage, abortion, genocide, pesticides, recycling yogurt containers, freedom of whatever, and a billion other issues. The little peoples’ energies are so diluted with their own pet projects that they can’t get anything accomplished or achieved. And the whole time the CEO’s, fogeys, and playpeople are laughing their “you know whats” off. They have nothing to fear. They just keep tossing little issues out into the wind and watching some group here or their adopt it as their own cause and taking to the streets with signs and rallies and protests to save one little corner of humanity. Divided and conquered. Do you know what would really be effective? What would really piss off the C.F.P.’s? What would really scare them? How about if all these billions and trillions of issue groups got together and focused on one issue at a time? It would topple the structure of the world overnight. All those resources focused together to solve one issue at a time, before moving on to the next. The CFP’s would be running for cover in a month, and the world would start to shift towards a more humane and earth friendly planet. Just one problem…..how do we decide which issue comes first…….

Stephen R. Sims 09/06

Current Knitting

Still making progress toward finishing the Celestine Shawl, and I will attempt Karla’s idea for photographing it in my next blog entry.

I’m writing up the pattern, and graphing out the pattern stitches. I’m actually going to have to graph out the center stitch pattern while I’m knitting it. I just won’t be able to get it work unless I do it that way.

Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival – Revisited

Before I send you off to the page of cute animal pictures, I thought I’d bore you with the two purchases I made at the festival. Thaddeus met some friends from his past who were there as part of the Humboldt Society club. So, while he was occupied, I shopped for fiber.

I loved working with the brown Jacob roving a while ago, so when I found this, I had to have me some.

Jacob Roving

This is two pounds of Jacob roving in three colors. After I took the picture, I realized some might mistake this for my pet skunk, but it’s actually browner and tanner in real life.

Then, I saw a woman spinning angora. I’m not usually a fan of angora, but she had knit a lovely, loose scarf with her handspun angora, so I thought I’d buy some and test it out.

This is just a couple of ounces (2.6 to be exact) of natural colored bunny hair. I can’t wait to try it out.

Finally, I took some pictures of the livestock. I was glad Dr. Mel was able to identify the Moorit Shetland, maybe he can consider this a little refresher quiz, since I have no idea what each breed is.

But here’s the QueerJoe petting zoo for your pleasure.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anne from the Jersey Shore, writes, “I was at the Garden State Sheepbreeders show on Saturday, right after it quit pouring down rain. Did you go on Sunday, and was it better attended? Customers and vendors were pretty thin on the ground on Saturday.”

Yes, Thaddeus and I went around lunchtime on Sunday, and I’m sure it was a little more populated than swamp-Saturday. But honestly, vendors and attendees are usually somewhat “thin.” That’s what makes this festival so much sweeter than MDS&W or Rhinebeck.

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