Can You Blame Me?…

I didn’t knit even one stitch on the Celestine Shawl since the last blog entry.

But I Have A Good Excuse
Yes, I went to the flea market, and found this.

It looked like a 20″ rigid heddle, wooden table loom that hadn’t been opened before, even though the box was pretty battered up. I could see that that box included instructions.

The guy wanted $10. I made Thaddeus go back and negotiate with the guy to get it for $5.

Lo and behold, I took it home and all the parts were there.

Since I was able to put it all together, I couldn’t help but follow the instructions on how to warp the loom.

And since the warping wasn’t all that dreadful, I figured I had to at least try to do some weaving.

And for those of you who like to check newbies’ selvedge edges, here’s a closeup of how bad mine are.

At any rate, here is my first-ever woven fabric (Kathy…recognize the weft yarn?).

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Trish writes, “Hey, that’s a great post. Sooooo, where is your hair stylist located”

Actually, that was just a hypothetical situation, at least in my case. My “hair stylist” is Thaddeus. He’s a trained barber, and we have a barber’s chair in our basement where he cuts my hair.

With regard to my own comment and the associated gravatar, Kathy asks, “Joseph, is that a new little photo of you with your comment or am I just glad to see you?”

It looks like a different picture than my usual one. Not sure where it’s coming from, but I like it too.

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