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Again, I Blame The Media

When I cast my ballot this November, I can honestly say I don’t know much about some of the candidates who I’m voting for.

There Was a Time…
…when the news media would print or broadcast more information about candidates. Non-partisan groups would put out surveys detailing what a candidate stood for. You could walk into a voting booth, confident that you knew at least what the candidate said they would do, if elected.

Today, the news is mostly about anything fearful or intriguing that will generate advertising revenue.

I watched a couple of debates on CSPAN or CSPAN2 or something this past weekend. Rendell and Swann, and I’m satisfied my vote will be going to the right candidate in that election. I’ve also read some local information on my candidates running for the House of Representatives. But as I select Democrats for all other elections, I don’t necessarily know that I agree with their goals if elected to office.

In this age of information, it has become a lot more difficult and time-consuming to find non-partisan descriptions of a candidates views, or even who’s going to be on the ballot. It seems no wonder that the electorate has become some much more partisan and nasty.

Current Knitting
Progressing steadily on the Celestine Shawl. Not enough to show a picture, but happy with the progress nonetheless, especially since I’m re-acclimating myself to traveling again. Finding my way around in a new area of the country is always difficult for someone with no sense of directions (like me). I need to add this to my wishlist.

I do not look forward to documenting this last stitch pattern as part of the design I will eventually write up for this garment.

Current Spinning
I was also able to finally finish the first bobbin’s worth of the Ashland Bay Merino, and start on the second one.

Multi 10-08-06

This spinning project is a perfect diversion during the times I’m in between things to do. I just sit and spin until it’s time to start the next thing.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding declawing cats, Carol asks, “Hey, what’s the litter box issue? I never heard of a connection before.”

Our previous cat (Chaps) couldn’t seem to recognize the difference between any open box and her litter box. And later in her life, she would sometimes just go where ever she was. Thanks also to Mel for both his professional comments about this and his disgust of Foley.

Regarding commenting on U.S. politics, Ted writes, “What’s the point? Nobody in the USA gives a damn about what Canadians think of anything anyway.

I don’t agree. I find a neighbor’s opinion sometimes more insightful because of the lack of direct involvement in the issue. I might trash you for an opinion (I don’t really trash anyone…I try to disagree with respect), but not because it’s from a Canadian. Your comments about Phelps and the non-U.S. arrest law are both good examples of where you see injustices. I despise Phelps, but I honestly wish his group had protested the Amish funerals. Then more folks than just the GLBT community would realize what a hateful prick he is.

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