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…oh my!

Most regular readers will note that Google Ads have started appearing on my blog. About a month ago, I decided that I would see if there was any way I could make a little extra money so that the blog would pay for itself. Since Google owns Blogger (where I host this blog), and they have a “smart ad” concept that attempts to match the ad to the content of the web site, I thought I’d give it a try.

Based on the average daily amount of income these ads have generated so far, I will end up earning about the same amount as my blog costs me on a yearly basis (definitely NOT including my time).

So feel free to help support the blog by checking out the ads that sponsor this site every once in a while. If you’re interested in adding advertisement to your own site, I highly recommend checking out Google’s program.

Current Knitting
I’ve completed a full repeat (28 rows) of the edge lace pattern and it’s looking fine. In fact, it’s looking as fine as the other edge of the shawl, and I don’t have a picture of the latest update. I’ll post one in my next entry.

Other Fiber-Related Activity
I couldn’t resist starting with the test-sock-roving that Carol sent me as a possible new product from Black Bunny Fibers.

Sock Spinning 10-08-06

The combination of fibers takes the dye incredibly well. Unlike the Flame colored roving I spun up a while ago from Black Bunny Fibers, this yarn is getting darker as I spin rather than lighter. Very nice.

I’ve also noticed that Carol’s stuff goes off her site almost as fast as she puts it on. I may have to request a custom job from her next time I need something.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks Mel, the site is a wealth of information. After I get as much information as I can for this year’s vote, I will definitely make a contribution to help support the site.

Emma in France writes,

“In the UK (which is where I’m from) there is something called ‘sectioning’ which is the forced detention of a person due to severe mental health problems. AFAIK it requires two doctors to sign it off.

Don’t you have something similar in the US that could be used against Phelps? Picketing funerals has got to be a valid demonstration of a severe mental health problem.

Joe, does it help to know that some of us Europeans had heard of him before your post today?”

I think a person in this country can be committed to a mental institution if they’re a danger to themselves or others (or at least that’s what I’ve gleaned from movies and television shows) and I also think it takes a couple of doctors’ signatures. Not sure a doctor would be willing to be sued for committing Phelps, especially since I think I heard his sisters (who protest with him regularly) are both lawyers. It does help to know that some other folks than GLBT folks here in the states know about this idiot, but until the middle of this country sees him and his very small group in action, they won’t do anything to prevent him from spreading his hate.

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