So Much For The Forgiveness Of Christ

“Conservative Christians are accusing the museum of displaying pornography, according to Reuters. One evangelical pastor even said museum directors should burn in hell.”

Birds Do It, Bees Do It…
…even bi-sexual Bonobono Chimpanzees do it.

A natural history museum in Norway has an exhibit on same-sex pairings in the animal world. Check it out here.

It’s a well-known fact that homosexuality and bisexuality have both been present in the animal world. Nothing pisses off hateful, conservative Christians more than finding out that homosexuality is natural.

Current Knitting
The Celestine Shawl is down to the last stitch repeat on the edge, and then I’ll only have to block it.

Assuming nothing hectic happens during work this week, I should be able to have this all finished and ready for Rhinebeck.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the sock-blend roving that Carol sent from Black Bunny Fiber, Sherry W. asks, “What *is* that blend of fiber from Carol?”

It’s superwash wool, mohair and nylon.

Regarding my recent addition of Google Ads to my site, Barb B. asks, “So, if I click on the ads, you make more money? That’s what I’ve started doing. Thanks for the tip too Joe, I am now looking at using the other side of thing as well, paying to have my site pop up.”

Yes, just by clicking on the links, and supporting my sponsors, it supports this site. I have to admit, some of the ads have been appealing enough for me to click on them anyway, so the “smart-ad” concept must work pretty well.

Tricky Tricot also asks about the sock-blend yarn, “Really love those colors – they look great on your wheel. How will you ply the singles?”

I’m thinking I will simply double-ply this. The fiber is difficult to spin very thin, and I like sock yarn as thin as possible.

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