Free Advertising

What makes folks put this kind of thing on their rear windshield, or side door panel?

It Goes Like This

Joe: “How much do the Eagles pay you to put that on your car?”
Him: “Nothing.”
Joe: “Huh?…so you make your car look stupid, why?”
Him: “I love the Eagles.”
Joe: “Ah, and so they gave you this decal to allow you to show your loyalty?”
Him: “No, I paid for it…I am a dedicated fan.”

How did this product, called the Philadelphia Eagles, do such a good job of making folks advertise for them? I love Pepsi. I love it WAY more than C$k@ (I never say the “C” word). I even hope that Pepsi wins in every contest against its competition.

But would I deface my car with a Pepsi sticker.

I don’t think so.

Current Knitting
Up to 22 rows on the last pattern repeat. Only 6 more to go and I’m ready for Rhinebeck.

Stole 10-19-06

Franklin is correct, I will be the prettiest girl at the festival.

I hope to see a lot of you at Rhinebeck…Saturday, 58 degrees and mostly sunny.

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