Survived Rhinebeck…

…just barely.

Great and Awful
Seeing knitting friends, and running into blog readers was great. Even the lurkers on this site are interesting and enjoyable to speak with.

The Festival, however, is getting so crowded, it’s gotten ridiculous.

Traffic backups for four miles and booths/barns so crowded, I felt like I was struggling to shop and buy fiber.

I’ll give partial updates on Rhinebeck all week.

Current Knitting
Well, I did finish the Celestine Shawl in time to bring it to Rhinebeck (except for one small unwoven end).

I’m very pleased with the result, as was Selma when she tried it on at Rhinebeck.

I’ll be finishing writing up the pattern sometime this week, and will get it up on The Knitting Vault as soon as I can.

Speaking of which, I got to see Fredda (who I haven’t seen since I shortly before I left Albany. I didn’t get a chance to chat much, but it was still good seeing her.

From left to write, it’s Lars, Ted, Fredda and of course, Marilyn.

I didn’t get to chat anywhere near enough with Lars or Ted either, but I was glad to finally get to meet both of them.

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