Rhinbeck Again

Marilyn gave an excellent description of Rhinebeck, and her pictures are way better than mine.

Apologies For Ugly Pictures
The folks I hung out with at Rhinebeck, in addition to be a lot of fun, are very attractive folks. You’d never know it from my photography, and I apologize for that in advance.

Here for your appreciation are a few candids I took of friends.


I finally got to meet Lars and Ted, and they are both as wonderful as described. Very nice guys. I’m thrilled that Lars was able to find a second career at such a young age that he’s looking forward to, and that Ted was able to make it down to the festival based on readers’ generosity.

A repeat of yesterday’s picture:


Joining Lars and Ted are Fredda, of The Knitting Vault fame, and, of course, Marilyn. I had the opportunity to meet Fredda when I was up in Albany, and I was fortunate enough to have been there at the start of her great web site. Seeing Marilyn again is always a pleasure.


Here’s pal Lisa with Marilyn. You all have to know that Lisa is this hot, vibrant, exciting chick, whose pictures never do her justice. I take some responsibility for making Marilyn not look as great as she does, but I have to draw the line with someone like Lisa who almost never takes a picture that represents how attractive she is.


Here’s Marilyn, Carol, Selma, and Kathy. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. You all know how gorgeous you are, it doesn’t require pictures to prove it.

Finally, I will leave you with my favorite picture from the meet-up.


I don’t know what it is, because Thaddeus usually takes a lousy picture. But whenever he poses with Marilyn, they both look great.

Current Knitting
Since I was finished with The Celestine Shawl, I needed a new project. I tried starting a new crochet hat, but hated it. I tried starting a sweater from the Romney-like home-spun yarn, but I didn’t feel like figuring out the numbers. I finally settled on a jacket for Thaddeus’ Aunt Dorothy.

Last time we visited, she asked me why I had never knit her a sweater. You don’t have to ask me twice.

You haven’t seen this yarn yet, (as I purchased it at Rhinebeck and haven’t detailed my purchases yet) but it’s a Brooks Farm yarn in colors much richer than they show in pictures.

Dorothys 10-22-06


This is going to be a mitered-square jacket that I’m basing on a design by Nadine Shapiro from Jamieson Shetland 3, called Patchwork Jacket.

Patchwork Jacket

Nadine’s design is done in bulky, and the Brooks Farm yarn is DK weight, so I had to modify numbers, but it was relatively easy.

Next post will show what I got while at Rhinebeck. Stay tuned for “Rhinebeck Continues.”

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