Rhinebeck…The Final Chapter

Just a few more recollections of my time with friends.

From Gate to Barn to Food
The drive up to Rhinebeck was quite beautiful. The trees weren’t in peak color. The trees had probably peaked a few days prior, but they were still lovely.

Here are a couple of pictures near the main entrance to the festival.

Then the masses outside the vendor barns.

And more masses (this one is the QueerJoe version of “Where’s Waldo”, except it’s “Where’s The Curmudgeon“…can you spot her?)

And, of course, the lines waiting for food…a person could starve to death before getting their fried foods.

Finally, Thaddeus asked me to take his picture under one of the more beautifully colored trees in the fairgrounds, so I’ll share that with you.

Current Knitting
Here’s the current state of Aunt Dorothy’s mitered jacket. I have to admit, I agree with Marilyn that mitered squares have been done, and in the knitting world, they could be pretty boring. But, it does work well with this yarn, and Aunt Dorothy doesn’t know that the technique is tired and old.

I’m hopeful to finish the back this weekend, and despite the unimaginative technique for the garment, the softness and warmth of the fabric, and the mixture of mohair/wool/silk is downright dreamy.

Reader’s Comments/Questions
kathy (small “k”) asks, “How much did Aunt Dorothy’s yarn cost??????????”

I don’t know if their web price is the same as their Rhinebeck price, but I bought four hanks, and their web price of $34 each. I’ll let you do the math. Just think, I still have to buy two nice buttons for the jacket.

Regarding having my screen name changed to accommodate small children in a fiber-forum, Ceallach asks, “Honestly, can’t they come up with a better fake reason to reject you when they can’t admit to their own homophobia?

Actually, I think they truly believe it’s not homophobic or bigoted. When it comes to “protecting our children” some groups of folks thinks that justifies anything and everything. I obviously don’t agree.

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