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Should I Be Worried?

With Rove so confident, I struggle with whether I should be worried about the outcome of the election or not.

Moot Point
I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point, since I’ve already cast my ballot, and spoken with as many folks as I can to make sure they vote. But yet, I still worry.

There are a couple of extremely effective advertisements for Curt Weldon, the incumbent representative in Pennsylvania who is under investigation for helping his daughter get multi-million dollar contracts. The ads basically have very sincere, ordinary folk asking questions to the camera such as, “Wouldn’t you help out a friend who’s going through a hard time?” “Sure Curt Weldon has made some enemies because he’s been fighting for us on issues like social security and veteran benefits.”

His wife even recorded an advertisement telling voters that her husband is a fine upstanding man, deserving of the viewers’ votes.

This kind of stuff scares the hell out of me. Most folks are pretty certain the man is guilty of what he’s being investigated for, and yet the memory of voters is so freakin’ short these days.

Whatever you do, please make sure you vote. Please don’t feel complacent that we will take the House, and maybe the senate. We can’t do it unless all those folks that are being polled actually vote.

Current Knitting
I’ve made some additional, incremental progress on the jacket for Aunt Dorothy. Thanks everyone for the comments on the yardage required. I may need to order another hank and use it for the sleeves. Even with a dye lot difference, I can alternate yarns every other row if I need to.

Current Spinning
I have also been able to squeeze in a little bit of spinning time, despite the sizing setback on my knitting project.

Multi 10-29-06

This pictures marks about the halfway point for this spinning project. I will be glad to both have the resulting yarn and to be able to start spinning something different when this is over.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Ted asks, “Did you get the mag articles I sent you?” and then follows up with “And how do they make sodas, anyway?”

I did get the articles. Ted was kind enough to scan some wild mushroom articles for Thaddeus and spinning articles for me. I’ve printed both off, but left my spinning articles at home when I left for work this week.

Sodas are simply made by adding syrup to a glass and adding carbonated water.

Regarding my comments on VogueKnitting, Mel notes, “I think I may go back and buy it just for Meg Swansen’s article on brioche in the round.”

I didn’t mention that the articles in this issue were either stupid or badly written. The only exception was Meg’s. I didn’t find her topic overly useful, because I figured out how to brioche in the round by myself, but I enjoyed reading the article nonetheless.

Regarding my positive comments about Sasha Kagan’s scarf in VK, Franklin asks, “Would you wear it knitted up in the colors shown, or were you thinking of it as nice to make for somebody else?”

Like you, I would go darker and smokier in colorway. I have a lot of old Rowan yarns that I could play around with. I was also thinking I could line the back of it with fabric to avoid showing the “ugly side” that Lucia mentioned. For those of you who missed Franklin’s description of his family at a recent wedding, it is required reading and will be on the test. Please go back and find it and read it.

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