What Kind Of Message Does This Send Our Children?

The not-so-Reverend Ted Haggard resigned Saturday as leader of the megachurch he founded for “sexually immoral conduct.”

I Only Wish
I wish the message that this sent was one that a person should be open, honest and out of the closet if they’re gay. I’m afraid the underlying message is that homosexuality is very bad, and to be hidden at all costs.

I also wish the media would take this opportunity to discuss the significant dangers of crystal meth in the gay community. Or the harm that sex addiction can have in folks lives. But I guess that would only put a damper on the titillating facts of of a closeted, gay-bashing, meth-taking, married, lying, queer, prostitute-hiring, hypocrite.

A guy can dream, can’t he?

Current Knitting
I ended up finishing the back of the Aunt Dorothy Jacket this past weekend.

I was able to finish the full back with just one hank (500 yards) of yarn, and I had this much left over.

Assuming that 1,500 yards will be sufficient to finish this jacket, I continued on and started the left/front of the jacket.

I’m assuming the two sleeves take about as much yarn as the back.

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