Best Bond Ever

A blond Bond? Can you take any more controversy on QueerJoe?

The Late Show
I just got to see the late show of Casino Royale at my local multiplex last night, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. But moreso than being an enjoyable movie, I also thought Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, did a fine job. I was also quite please with the bad guy in this one, “Le Chiffre.”

This movie was a lot less gadgety and required a lot more physical activity from our hero. Other than the premise for the central poker game at the casino, I thought the script writing was very strong as well.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my idea of an excellent movie, but it was a fun time.

Current Knitting
I didn’t quite make my goal of completing the knitting of Aunt Dorothy’s jacket.

I’m close, as I only have about 20 more rows to go, and then putting it together. This turned out to be an enjoyable, and relatively quick knit. The result is something I’m quite pleased with.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
It was good reading about all your news pet peeves. I too despise “news” stories that center around the latest movie, or asking what the “average Joe” thinks about an issue. As someone I admire once said (and I paraphrase), “Opinions are like assholes, almost everyone has one.”

Cara in Exile writes, “Yay, New Hope, we’ll be more or less in the area at Xmas, anything happening then?”

The Bucks County Playhouse will be doing a stage presentation of “Miracle on 34th Street”, and you might also want to catch the current Harry Leith-Ross exhibit at the New Hope branch of the James A. Michener museum. There’s always the shopping and the good restaurants. If you like Mexican, I always recommend “The Blue Tortilla.” It has the best guacamole I’ve ever had, and I don’t even usually like guacamole. “Martine’s” has re-opened in a new space, right on the river, and it’s lovely. “Tastebuds” has changed chefs recently, but it used to be excellent, but I haven’t been since the switch. And right across the river in Lambertville, I always enjoy “Andiamo” (make sure you order the butterscotch pot de creme if it’s available for dessert…you won’t be disappointed).

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