Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

Green Day
And I’m not talking about St. Patrick’s day.

My hometown (New Hope, PA) has recently added an organic coffee shop, and they don’t serve/sell anything that isn’t natural and/or organic. They tell me they don’t have Equal, only Stevia sweetener.

First there were white packets, then pink, then blue and then yellow. My preference had always been Equal, until I got the chance to taste Stevia. It is by far my favorite. It is very sweet, and it has no calories, fat or carbohydrates, AND it has no discernible aftertaste.

I am a fan for life.

Current Knitting
I finished the first strip, and I’m mostly finished with the second one as well.

I knit in the airport today for the first time in about four years. Fortunately, I can people-watch and work on this project, due to the simplicity.

Short Blog Entry Today
I don’t have a lot of time to chat today, but I need to tell you about the craft show I went to this past weekend, and about a Christmas gift from New Zealand.

Both wonderful surprises.

I’ll catch up soon.

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