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Goodbye Little Guy

I am overwhelmingly sad to tell you that Gage died yesterday.

A Big Void
Gage took up a very large space in our house and in our hearts, and his abrupt absence is already very noticeable. I am still going through waves of grief…more than I expected I would have if you had asked me last week. We adopted Gage through our local ASPCA when he was about 2 years old, and he was about 9 years old when he died.

About a year ago, he was diagnosed with a heart condition called feline HCM. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of this disease is the possibility of blood clots, and yesterday a blood clot went into his femoral artery, blocking off all blood flow to his back legs. Knowing that Gage’s life was about to end, Thaddeus said a loving goodbye, and brought him to the vet, and with more strength than I could have mustered, petted Gage’s head while the vet anethsitized him and then put him to sleep. I was working in Massachusetts at the time, and in many ways I’m grateful that I didn’t have to participate in the decision or the actual procedure.

Gage was well-loved in this house and had a very good life. I can only believe that the universe needed a bit more Gage, and required us to give him up to share his special qualities.

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  1. My heart goes out to you. We recently lost a healthy kitty very suddenly to something similar and we miss her so much. We’ve lost so many special little furry beings over the years but it never gets easier. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Dear Joe and Thaddeus,

    I think there is a part of us that needs a furry partner to make us complete. I know the awful loneliness and emptiness now filling the places where Gage was in your home and your selves. I know it is no solace to say Gage is still there in your memory, but I hope there is solace in visiting your memories of him.

    I ache for you. It is the universal ache we all feel when our hand drops autimatically to stroke a soft head that is no longer there. Gage died young and that must feel so wrong, but he died cradled in love, and I know you gave him an infinity of love during your seven years with him. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    Dogged Knitter – writing with one hand while the other cups one small furry head, and the memory of another

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Gage’s passing. His charm really came through in your photographs of him.

    I’m glad you were there with him. Not too many years ago I had to do the same for my dear puppin and I tried to keep a reassuring smile and give comforting words to her as she went to sleep. However, I was just broke down entirely as I left the vet’s off and a tear comes to my eyes now as I remember.

    Still, even now I do cherish our time together and am entirely certain that her little spirit will live on in every little thing she did while she was with me.

    Thank goodness for my three little feline girls. I hope you and Thaddeus are willing to share your love with another such lucky feline someday when it doesn’t hurt so much.

  4. I am so sorry. It has been six years since our little Violet left us in body. Sometimes it seems as raw as if it were yesterday. We’ve adopted two kitties and we love them, but we still miss our Violet. I wish you comfort in this difficult time.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my little bunny last week, so I know it’s painful. But it sounds like Gage was a lucky cat and had a good life with you. I know you will miss him. *hugs*

  6. They just don’t last long enough, do they? I helped our 18 year old cat go peacefully a few months ago, and yesterday we said farewell to our very beloved Pug, who was sick and miserable at 12 and a half. And I still get weepy when I think of our Previous Pug, Bennie, who left us 13 years ago. They give us so much and leave such a deep hole.

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