Joe and Gage 12-05-04

No Joy Today

I never realized how life could so easily be stripped of any enjoyment, despite knowing that these feeling will subside in time.

Sad Memories All Around
It became very noticeable how much Gage had infiltrated much of what I do when I’m home.

Lately, when I’d sit down at my spinning wheel, he’d insist on sitting on my lap, which is why this latest spinning project has been a little slower than they used to be.

Whenever I’d put down my knitting, I’d have to conciously make sure I didn’t leave it anywhere where Gage could eat the yarn.

Projects stored in bags with tightly twisted paper handles were used as a teething toy for Gage (yes, he LOVED chewing on that twisted paper cording used for bag handles).

Each time I’d pick up my knitting this past weekend, or sit down to spin, or try to read a book on knitting, there were many unwitting reminders of my little guy. It’s a good thing my current knitting and spinning projects don’t require much concentration, because I didn’t have a lot to spare.

Current Knitting
I did get some knitting done on the Araucania Jacket, but not a lot.

Yes, I finished the third strip and made a little headway on the fourth. I was hoping that I could get this sweater done before the Friday before Christmas to give to a friend of ours, but with six more color strips and two black strips and sleeves and a border, I don’t know if I will make the deadline.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Many thanks to all who sent thoughtful words or prayers our way. Thaddeus read all the comments (as did I, but I always do), and the support from readers was soothing in many ways.

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  1. Joe– I have been reading your blog for quite a while but had never commented. I am so sorry to read about Gage. It’s obvious there’s a big kitty shaped hole in your heart. I hate to think about the day when my kitty Sasha will leave me; I’m not sure what I will do. Our animal friends leave a big impact on our lives. I know only time can heal this pain, but please know you and Thaddeus are in my thoughts.

  2. You must have gone to beta, no? I did that over the weekend. However, I didn’t change the template–thought maybe everything might get wiped. But I’m feeling like it’s time for a new look too. Let me know what you did and how you did it. I really like the new look a lot!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Gage. I lost a cat two years ago Celeste and I still think about her a lot. I have another cat now Goldie and she loves to sit in my lap when I crochet just learned to crochet and plan in the future to try knitting. I hope that you and Thaddeus will feel better soon.

  4. may the pleasant memories of gage sustain you in the days ahead.

    the reminders you mentioned made me smile; cats are always there at a moment’s notice.

    love the new look/colors!

  5. It makes me sad, too, hearing about how you miss him. (My son still cries about the cat we had to put down almost 7 years ago.)

    You gave him a good loving home. One day you will love another cat, too.

  6. There are days I still miss my Max, and he left us six years ago. It takes time, and grieving is a very healthy process, so let it happen.

    I still can’t hear “maxwell’s silver hammer” without tearing up.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about Gage. My cats are part of my family, I’ve lost several and hated it every time. I still miss them. Give it some time for you and Thaddeus to heal.

    The new look is very good, nice and clean.

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