New Look

As Marilyn noted, I switched over to the new Blogger Beta, and since many of my pictures and links were stored directly on blogger (I had a premium account for a while that let me FTP files directly to my blogger directory), I realized I had to recreate my template.

New Era, New Template
Since all my blog link buttons disappeared, and the picture of me at the top of the page was also gone, I figured it was the perfect time to clean up the look of my site.

Converting over to the beta was a painfully long process, but I didn’t have to do anything while my four-year old blog took almost that long to convert over, despite the fact that the blog was unavailable for an hour or so.

Switching over to a new template wasn’t awful, but I’m glad I don’t have to do it regularly. One nice part is that I had access to my old template HTML, so it was easier to recreate things like my blog links and such. Google Blogger makes it easy to pick a template that’s close to what you want, and then modify it. It’s a much more user-friendly process than what it used to be, but that may also mean there will be a lot more inane blogs out there, because it now takes much less technical ability.

Some things about the switchover that I wasn’t overly pleased with, was that I had to recreate my hits counter (very important for a “hits whore” like me) and I also had to re-set up my picture. I also don’t like how the new Google Blogger requires you to manage comments through their site as opposed to through Haloscan, like I used to.

Overall, I much prefer the look of the new site.

Losing Myself
The one activity that allowed me to forget my woes for a while was reading. I spent some of the weekend finishing my latest book


The Lighthouse by P.D. James was another mystery book in her line of Inspector Dalgleish stories. I’m not a big fan of mysteries, but this book had a wonderful location where it all took place, the character definition was excellent and interesting, and the plot was enjoyable, and provided a great escape for hours at a time.

Current Knitting
I finished strip number four and five and just barely started on number six. I’ll post pictures in the next blog entry.

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  1. Um, I switched over to beta last week and it took about four minutes to move the blog and archives and I retained my Haloscan counter. You have to reinsert the Haloscan code from your old blog, is all. Granted, I didn’t change skins but you can reinsert your counter code too and it should be OK. I use, which is an excellent free service. So if you’re using a service, you should be able to get your beloved hits-o-rama back in action without losing anything.

    If you need help, give me a call or e-mail me.

    By the way, I recently finished The Lighthouse. I’m a long-time PD fan. You know that she’s at least 83 if not 85 by now. And still churning them out once a year.

  2. The new look is easier to read, but I don’t like this comment thingy much.

    By the way,I’m not sure it is fair of you to suggest that someone who lacks computer skills will necessarily produce an inane blog. Lots of IT technocrats are inane in the extreme I find. But then when I was born the only computer around was called Enigma so I am probibly terribly out of date.

    Sorry about Gage. I have sympathy for Thaddeus though because I am usually the one who lands those duties in this household and it is never easy.

  3. LOVE the new look. Not least because something in your old fomatting disagreed with my browser (Firefox) and I got strange colors, and odd layout, and no side or header content that was readable. So from my point of view, this is light-yeas better.

  4. At this festive time of year,
    I wish you lots of holiday cheer!
    (with apologies to Bugs Bunny)

    A faithful blog reader

  5. Hello!

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    Thank you for your time!

    1-How/why did you start blogging about your knitting?

    2-What’s cool about having the blog?

    3-What kind of reaction do you get from people?

    4-Do you have any funny stories/ anecdotes about the blog?

    5- How do people react to a guy knitting?

    6-Can I have your name, city, and age, please? (it is ok if you blog anonymously and don’t want to give this information)

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