Christless Christmas

Keeping Christ Out of Chrissmas

Every year this issue pops up. Every year either the ACLU, or a non-Christian group, or some atheist group tries to have a nativity scene removed, and the Christian Wrong pounce on them for being Christ-haters.

It’s Getting A Little Tired…No?
I don’t have any problem with any of the groups having their own agenda on this non-issue. I believe that public expenditures for religious promotion are wrong. I also think it’s a very slippery slope once you start allowing small displays of Christianity at the exclusion of non-Christians.

But for once, this holiday, I wish both sides would just just the fuck up about it.

I guess it’s already too late with the brouhaha over some group insisting on a Menorah at the Seattle airport.

It all reminds me WAY too much of the idiotic arguments that used to happen on the KnitList every year….

I personally hope everyone has a great Christmas…I’m planning on one.

Current Knitting
The weekend of “no joy” put a big dent in my knitting, and put me way behind on the Araucania jacket.

Aracaunia 12-18-06

You’ll note that I’ve been able to finish all the panels for the back, and assemble them all. I’ve also started the front, and made a little headway.

I still have the rest of the front to knit, the assembly of the front, two sleeves and a buttonband/collar that needs to be knit and sewn on. All by this Friday.

I think it’s hopeless, but I’m pushing on as fast as I can anyway.

Current Work Location
These days, I’m working in Springfield, Massachusetts. Here is the view from my hotel room window on the 16th floor, overlooking The Connecticut River.

Springfield 1

There are some very beautiful areas of Springfield, and some great restaurants. I’m lucky enough to be a little familiar with the city, since Thaddeus’ sister, brother-in-law and niece live there, and we’ve been up to visit a number of times.

Even though I’m not working next week, I will be up in Springfield to celebrate the holidays with the out-of-laws.

0 comments on “Keeping Christ Out of Chrissmas

  1. That jacket’s really shaping up. I confess to having a hard time visualizing it with just a few strips, but now I get it. You’re an amazingly fast knitter; you’ll probably finish it.

  2. The jacket is looking great! I’m excited to see what it looks like when it is done. When I’m working on a big project I need to do a few little things in between. But you don’t have time for that!!

    A winter holiday issue around here that cracks me up is that the Christians want a Christmas tree on the hospital (publicly owned) “…like we’ve had for decades!” It’s a very small, conservative town. A small faction has taken issue with this in the last couple of years. But, the Christians have prevailed and get to keep their tree. The part that amuses me is that Christmas trees are totally pagan! So, even if no one else can appreciate it, it feels like a small, secret victory for Solstice, the holiday I prefer to celebrate.

  3. Well, I plan on wishing everyone a happy Christmahannukwanzasolstica, and they can just selectively hear the part of that which appeals to them best.

    Any plans to hang at Webs with mamacate while you’re in her neck of the woods?

  4. Dear Joe:
    I was in my local Walmart this morning (Suwanee, GA) and wanted to let you know they carry that Stevia sweetener there. It’s a little over $8.00 per box of 100. I tried it in my coffee, and it will definitely take some getting used to.

  5. Springfield is just SOUTH of Webs, a nice quick jaunt up 95! I’m hoping to get to that area in Jan. as my family is still there (and so is my heart) and I am craving SNOW and COLD. I mean, it got down to 44 today and people here in SoCal were freaking out! Enjoy the good parts of Spfld (ignore the raunchy parts!) and please have breakfast at Cracker Barrel once for me!

  6. I hate the winter holiday PC craptacular every year too! I agree I’m against using public money for religious promotion. I just have a hard time seeing how any religion’s holiday decor is going to subjugate the unbelievers. I think there are more important things to fight over, like Creationism in schools.

  7. Actually Springfield is just down the road from Webs and quite easy to get to but you probably alreay know that if you’ve been there before.
    I’m an atheist and I don’t have a problem with religious displays as along as public money doesn’t pay for them. What I can’t stand is the horrid display in the yard of the house down the street which puts National Lampoon’s house to shame.

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