The World Needs More Canadians

Is it just me, or are Canadians some of the nicest, smartest, most down-to-earth folks on the planet?

I know, I know…I’m very biased by saying this, and perhaps only genuine Canucks should be able to boast about their own virtues. But I’ve worked with folks from around the world. I’ve done some traveling. Overall, I like most groups of people I meet, just fine. But I always enjoy being around Canadians more than most. Perhaps I’m just more comfortable with the, completely generalized, calm, pragmatism that I usually see, or their comparatively lack of pretense, but I have to say, I think I’ve only met one Canadian (that I was aware was Canadian), who I didn’t like very much…and then, of course, there’s Celine Dion…but I’ve never met her.

Now, if the World could just work a little harder on this global warming issue so I could live up there without freezing my ass off, my life might be complete.

Knitting Progress Report
I’ve been knitting as fast as my hands can knit, whenever I’m not working.

Aracaunia 12-19-06

I’m two thirds through the front of this garment, and while I’ve made a lot of progress, I’m still almost certain I won’t make it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Araucania sweater, Carol writes, “You’re an amazingly fast knitter; you’ll probably finish it.”

Actually, I’m not a very fast knitter, although I spend a lot of my time knitting, so I get a lot done.

Mel asks, “Any plans to hang at Webs with mamacate while you’re in her neck of the woods?”

I had every intention of heading over to Webs, but time really hasn’t permitted me to get over there. I have been to “Mecca” before, and I’m hopeful to get there sometime in February.

Sherry W. wrote, “I just have a hard time seeing how any religion’s holiday decor is going to subjugate the unbelievers. I think there are more important things to fight over, like Creationism in schools.”

Thank you for writing so succinctly exactly what I was trying to get across.

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  1. Another Canadian saying, Gee thanks. And we’d let you and Thaddeus get married. Or let you be proper family to each other without getting married. Whatever. It’s not that cold (if you don’t move to Edmonton). Especially this year. Maybe that global warming thing….

  2. Steve and I want to live in Canada too! I just like the fact that they have been able to effectively manage a national budget and keep themselves out of trouble and bad juju from other countries. Oh, and hockey.

  3. I wonder, though, if the Canadians have evolved to be such likable people because they live in what has historically been a snowy, cold climate. Maybe when it gets to be more like Georgia or Virginia up there, the Canadians will start acting more like folks from the US. Which would defeat the whole point of having it warm up for you to move there. (Except for legal marriage, which would still be a compelling reason.)

  4. Thank you, Joe, for your kind words. You could always move here to Vancouver – we rarely get snow on the West Coast.

  5. Another Canuk says “thanks for them kind words”.
    Elizabeth has a good point…when you are freezing your arse off, or buried up to it in snow, it pays to be nice to your neighbours, you might need their help.
    Nothing wrong with Edmonton, Jove, other than the cold (-40C for awhile) and the stinkin’ snow (some 3 foot drifts) and the crappy wind. Oh…guess you’re right, Edmonton does suck this year.
    Joe, if you move on up here, I’ll keep you supplied with all the warm yarn you need to knit your winter wardrobe, it’d be worth it to have you and Thaddeus in our country.
    Barb B.

  6. Gosh. Now what prompted this outburst of accolade?

    I think Celine has a great set of pipes. Really. I hate her repetoire, but no complaints about the voice.

  7. hi joe, first off i want to thank you for your willie warmer pattern, i will be knitting it as a christmas present, chris has been nagging me to make sure he gets one for christmas. BUT! i LOVED the idea of underpants, so, like the french courageous and defiant woman that i am, i am going to make him TWO presents. the thing is, i found no photo for the underpants, it does help me to actualy look at the thing to get guidance, do you happen to have a photo? thank you much,

  8. Hi Joe

    sorrry didn’t mean hijack your blog..can you please email me..i lost your e mail and i cna’t find any way to contact you beside hi jack this

    BTW: my name is D* Le your asian

    hope to hear from you

  9. Well, Joe, you know that we would really enjoy having you up here, and would welcome you at any time. This week is very unusual — maybe the warming has started! Start packing, Joe! It’s the first of the year, and we are having above freezing temps, with water in the gutters. This is not the way it is supposed to be! I am not comfortable with the way things are going; when the natural order of the universe is reversed, I get a little uneasy!
    Of course, next week could be a whole different story!

  10. Hello, I know that I’m leaving comments on your several year-old posts, but anyways…

    I would just like to poit out that it is common belief that all of Canada is cold. This common belief is wrong. I, like one of your commenters, live on the west coast of Canada, and last year, for the first time I can remember, had a foot of snow. Yep. An entire foot of snow. We had great fun playing in it (this might be a good time to point out that I am 14 years old), and were sorely disappointed when it melted 5 days later. We west-coasters are freezing our rear-ends off at anything less than 10 degrees Celsius (50 Farenheit).

    PS. The weather here is quite similar to Seattle’s weather.

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