Nico 1st Day

Introducing Nico

A new member of our family was added yesterday, and his name is Nico (we think).

New Kitty
Yes, after researching it all carefully, we decided to get a new cat.

Nico is a rescue cat that we found through, specifically through an organization called Adopt-A-Friend, Inc. He was born on March 31st of last year, so he’s still a pretty active kitty, and he’s had all his shots, and has been neutered. His foster mother called him “Mostly White”, but when her son added him to PetFinder for her, he thought it was a racist name, so he changed it to simply “NoName.” Thaddeus had already picked out a name for the new guy, but it didn’t seem as fitting when we met him. Nico seemed more appropriate.

Thaddeus and I knew we wanted to stick with a Siamese breed mix, since we’ve been told that Gage was very typical in terms of his personality (or would that be “felinality”?), and we wanted a cat as sociable as he was. While we considered other possible breeds, we knew we wanted Nico as soon as we saw his picture on PetFinder.

Nico is still getting acclimated (we’ve decided to expose him to only one room for the first day and expand it to two today), but the first impression he’s left so far is of a very sweet boy.

Current Knitting
Since we picked the cat up yesterday, there was a lot of preparations that needed to be done to the house to make it kitty-safe again.

That’s my excuse for the minimal amount of knitting I got done on the dark tweed pullover.

Dark Tweed 01-14-07

I’m hoping to finish the back this week, but we’ll see how it goes.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kathy wrote, “Some of the information and conclusions passed along by Mr. Gore in his documentary were more than a little sketchy.”

I’d be curious to know which parts of his movie were manipulative or not entirely accurate. I was honestly shocked by the information I heard/saw in “An Inconvenient Truth”. If there were untruths or misrepresentations, I was completely fooled by them myself.

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  1. What an awful name for a cat … Mostly White. How could you look into those soulful eyes and come up with Mostly White? Yuck. Nico definately suits him better.

  2. Welcome, Nico! And congratulations to Joe and Thaddeus.

    I can understand completely about you seeing Nico on and knowing he was the cat for you–the same thing happened to me with my Schnauzer Morgen. Gotta love PetFinder!

    I wish the three of you many happy years together.

  3. Hi Joe–

    I was curious about what Kathy wrote in regards to An Inconvenient Truth as well, so I googled and found this article from Slate:
    It seems to me like the “sketchy” bits were not that meaningful to the overall impact of the movie. I’m very interested to see what Kathy has to add.
    For me, the movie was horrifying just for the population growth info!

  4. welcome, nico! you will be loved and spoiled rotten by your two daddies; enjoy it!

    my meredith and steven j. (both rescue cats) raise their tails in greeting!

  5. What a nice looking kitty! I can vouch for siamese mixes-our Biscuit’s mom is half siamese, and he’s unlike any cat I’ve ever met-very vocal, VERY sociable, even with strangers, and he’s got the funniest little delicate feet.

    I’m glad you opened your home to a new family member, not to mention one so obviously deserving.

  6. Nico looks like a sweetie! We had a cream kitty (that is what I understand one calls that color in cats) and he was the biggest Love Muffin I have ever known. He now lives very happily with a family in Philly, since we were both dreadfully allergic to him. We kept the unfriendly cat, no allergies. Go figure,

    Cara in Exile

  7. Smart cat! Mini, who I found as a kitten, by the side of the road in a cardboard box last year says hi Nico and be sure to behave yourself!

    I too am puzzled by Kathy’s comment. I have read the book but not seen the film, and it seems to me that it is possible that just the scale of the problem might lead to parts being sketchy. I thought the book was very well done and presented so many facets of such a huge problem in a very clear manner. He catered really well for people who are in a hurry, don’t perhaps like to read a lot and who relate to graphs and graphics more than the printed word. The other books in the same vein that I have read recently, ‘Collapse’by Jared Diamond and ‘The Weather Makers’ and ‘The Future Eaters’ by Tim Flannery, are all great books, but they are not exactly easy reading and in that respect ‘An Inconvenient Iruth’ is brilliant. Anyway, if only a tiny fraction of what he forcasts is correct we are in deep trouble and should be doing something about it rather than being lured into the ever-popular political sport of nit-picking.

    What are people doing anyway, other than being shocked? We installed half solar power at our last house, we now drive a hybrid petrol/electric car and we use a very clean recycled wood product for heating in the winter… what about everyone else? Cats for lap-warmers?

  8. Congratulations to you and Thaddeus on finding Nico! I found one of my cats on PetFinder, it’s a great site to look. I also like Siamese, I grew up with them and I love their personalities. I know Nico has landed in the creampot – he will be SO spoiled (as he should be)!

  9. Congrats you all three of you on finding each other. Nico has landed a wonderful home and I’m sure he will give you and Thaddeus much love and affection.

  10. Aren’t adopted cats the best? That’s a gorgeous cat–makes my Cleo look like Ugly Betty, although I doubt she cares. I don’t feel the need to have a kitten–older cats are harder to place and I’m glad you picked Nico. Tell me, was he Greek in a former life?

  11. Lovely cat guy, Jos.
    Did you know that the word “caterpillar” comes from Old French “chatepelose”–“hairy cat”?
    Isn’t that a nice etymology?

    I somehow feel the need to point out that the Kathy who’s maligning Al Gore’s film is not me.

  12. No! I’m the maligning Kathy! Yes, me! To be clear, Mr. Gore is correct that we have a huge problem with global warming and that our present approach to so many things is rapidly accelertating the problem. Something must be done NOW. Has anyone but me noticed how miserably warm and humid this winter has been? I will gather my concerns about the presentation in an organized way and post here very soon…

  13. Treat for Nico….using various lengths of wool scraps…I use from 12″ to 2 yards, and in various colors, just tie the ends together and knit. The cat pads I make are about 15″x20″ and my cats love them. I just tie the ends together leaving the two tails of the knot and they love to lay there and paw at the ends. Keep your scraps in a basket and pick them out at random for a nat pattern.

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