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Would you believe that I’m one of those people that finds something to be passionate about, does it compulsively for a while, and then puts it down to never do it again?

Yes, It’s True
Yes, it happens with music, it happens with food, it happens with reading…it even happens with Weavettes.

I can’t tell you how many times that I would find the most amazing source for dried mangoes, and eat them with joy for weeks on end, only to finish that phase of my life and find a CD by Kitaro, get completely infatuated by his music, and need to own every one. That would be followed by an intense love affair with fountain pens, and then something else, and something else, and so on.

But, for some reason, knitting has had staying power over all the others. I have never lost my passion for it no matter how deeply I delve into it, or how intensely I pursue it.

I don’t know what the difference is in this one area of my life, but I’m very grateful for it.

Current Knitting
I did reach my goal of finishing the back of the Dark Tweed Pullover.

Dark Tweed 01-19-07

I do have to say, I’m not looking forward to doing the ribbing on the front of the garment, because of the coarseness of the oiled yarn (flipping the yarn back and forth is harder on my hands than straight stockinette stitch).

I’ve also done a little more on the colorblock sweater, but not enough to merit a picture.

Current Spinning
With a new cat in the house, the remainder of the multi-colored merino seems to have just flown onto the final of three bobbins.

Multi 01-19-07

Now all I have is the plying and the washing and the hanging and the skeining of this lovely yarn. The result will be a beautifully rich color of soft yarn, with a depth of texture because of the fine differences in color. I can’t imagine it will photograph too well, so you will all have to come to my house to see the result in person. Please make arrangements.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the U.S. mess in Iraq, a couple of readers noted my indiscriminate use of the words “insurgents” and “terrorists.” Thank you for pointing that out, I will be more careful. It shows that even when I try to see all points of view, I can still be influenced by the spin that the administration and the media put on stories like this.

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  1. I dared object for the very reason that, reading you for almost two years, I know that you are an intelligent person who does first appreciate all points of view before deciding on a course of action or idea. And there are too few people like you worldwide! (And, yes: MORE NICO!)

  2. I, too, go through the intense fatuation periods (music, drawing, video games, reading, etc….) I have been knitting for four years, so I hope I can keep my passion for as you have done!

  3. I have 3 or 4 Kitaro CDs loaded on my MP3 player that I listen to when I’m knitting or use’n my 2×2 Weavette! It is so calming for me!

    I’m doing a scarf with sock yarn, self stripping, keeping them in order and attaching them on the diamond…kinda looks like enterlac.

  4. I agree, knitting does stand the test of time. I am the same with the fads, but I’m a Virgo So I don’t think you Aries lot can claim to have the only butterfly minds in the universe!

    The depth of colour/texture you can get with a multicoloured yarn is amazing and very satisfying. I am finding totally plain colours very boring these days. But maybe that’s another fad?

  5. BTW, it’s ok to fad in and out with weavettes, that’s what they are for! The main thing is not to ever lose the sheet of instructions…

  6. Where are my Weavette coasters? I’d sure love to see you make something. Figuring, of course, that a Weavette can handle a coaster-size project.

    Heh heh. Please don’t hit me, I’m an old woman. SNORT.

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