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Men Are Such Babies

I should know, I am one. And when I’m sick, I want nothing more than to whine and sleep and try to get comfortable.

Baby Weekend
That’s how this whole weekend was. Starting Friday evening, through until…well now a little, I had some stomach virus that wiped me out. To give you a sense about how bad it was, I actually lost five pounds in less than 24 hours. I’m still trying to build back my robust health, but I think it will take another day or two.

For a full two days, no food seemed in the least bit appealing, and my favorite position was curled up in a warm down comforter, fast asleep.

Current Knitting
Despite being totally drained, I did do a little bit of knitting over the weekend.

Dark Tweed 01-22-07

Nico had to get in the picture (he’s turning into quite the little ham). I was able to finish the ribbing for the front section of the pullover, and even got a few rows of the reverse stockinette stitch completed as well.

Vogue Knitting
I picked up the Winter 2007 Vogue Knitting, and I was glad I did.

VKWinter 2007

First of all, it was the first issue I’ve seen in a while that had that certain “kiss-my-ass-attitude”…in a long while, in fact. They chose many interesting, and some very good designs for this issue. Brandon Mably’s handprint sweater stands out as one that I’d absolutely make. There was even a Mari Lynn Patrick design that I thought was quite good, but then followed up by a second design of hers that looked like an aborted afghan project. I had a friend who stole a dozen or so Pan Am airplane blankets and his partner made him a patchwork coat from the material. It looked significantly better than the “patchwork” piece in Vogue by MLP.

The feature articles were actually interesting enough to read. Check out the magazine’s index, and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Overall, it was the first time I felt I got my money’s worth in a knitting magazine.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
As far as Nico pictures go, I won’t be posting a lot of his photos. As much as I love our new kitty, I’d prefer not to let this become a Knitting/Cat blog. I’m sure there are plenty of those out there if that’s what interests you.

As for Weavettes, I’ll make a deal with our favorite curmudgeon. If she’ll make placemats on her loom, I’ll make matching coasters (as long was we can both get the same yarns). I think we’ve both been about equally as productive on our respective “looms.” Hit an old woman, indeed.

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  1. hmn…” I actually lost five pounds in less than 24 hours. I” I wish can lost that much within 5 weeks πŸ™‚


  2. I knew you’d say something about my lack of weaving–and you’re absolutely right. However, I’ve got a warp chain made, at least.

    So sorry you have that suck-awful stomach thing. I had it two weeks ago. Having pneumonia was easier to deal with than that. But it does go away. Eventually.

    Good to hear that Vague is OK. I’ll have to truck on over to Borders, if for nothing else than Brandon’s sweater. I like that spread layout too.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing how nico grows up. it was nice to catch a glimpse of gage every so often.

    hopefully nico (and thaddeus) helped you feel much better on the road to recovery!

    now go suck your thumb, you big baby LOL.

  4. Be a baby. I had that over New Years, and lost 5 pounds, but in 3 days, not 1. I couldn’t eat for 5 days, just too sick. And I had a 3-year old on winter break … ugh.

    I just picked up “Never knit your man a sweater unless you’ve got the ring”, all patterns for mens wear. If I had knitted a single one of those vests or sweaters for my husband before (perhaps even after) marriage I would now be single. Interesting, but … I do have to wonder about pattern designers sense of reality.

  5. When I see a magazine and cringe at the designs, I try to think, it’s not for me, but the magazine has to have variety to please a wider audience.

    That’s a nice way to say I’m disappointed with the patterns this month. The 80’s florals, blah New York Noir, and WHAT is with that half-and-half man’s sweater?!

    I do want to read the article by Meg, however.

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