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Late-Night Listmaking

I usually sleep pretty soundly, but last night, I woke up with way too many work-related worries on my mind.

Go Back To Sleep!
No matter how hard I tried to will myself back to sleep, these little “to-do’s” kept wafting through my mind, keeping me awake.

I finally realized I needed to write all my reminders, get them out of my head, and get my tired ass back to sleep.

It worked. I wrote down a list of five items that were on my mind, turned out the light, and fell soundly back to sleep for another few hours before waking to my alarm clark. It’s so great when one of these little sleeping hints works so well.

I’ve only made it through two of the items on the list so far, but I’m doing it on a rested mind, which is a helluva lot easier.

Current Knitting
I got to have dinner with my out-of-laws last night, since I’m working in the city where they live (she’s an excellent cook), so I didn’t do a lot of knitting in the hotel last night. But I have made some progress on the dark tweed pullover, and even got a little more done on the colorblock sweater.

Colorblock 01-22-07

Honestly, my biggest concern with this sweater is that it will be too ordinary looking. I never would have expected my own reaction to all this color, but I still think I’ll like how it turns out.

Current Spinning
I did do some plying this past weekend, but didn’t even finish the first bobbin of triple-ply. I hope to get it all plied in the upcoming weekend, and I’ll be sure to post some pictures. What I’ve done so far is very nice looking yarn, and the color is very different and very beautiful. I can’t wait to show it off.

Current Reading
Actual, it’s not my current reading, but my reading from a week or so ago.

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul is one of those bestsellers intrigue novels that tries to incorporate strong, brutishly handsome desert guides, with Arabian rebels from the past, with “blood-diamond” searchers and freelance, former CIA, security experts, all jammed into one little paperback. If you like a book where the action and the excitement never stop, and all the characters glow from the pages with a certain aura and charisma, this book is for you.

For me, it was adequately written, and I was able to enjoy the ride, but it wouldn’t be a book that would inspire me to look for more by these authors.

7 comments on “Late-Night Listmaking

  1. glad you are feeling better, “baby”.

    I second jean’s comment; that colorblock sweater is FAR from ordinary. the dark tweed, while nice, is ordinary.

    keep warm!

  2. It’s beauty, but I see what you’re saying; it would suck on an ordinary sweater. I doubt that will happen with you.
    I don’t think you have to go looking for Clive Cussler. I’m pretty sure he’s well represented. Still, it’s good that the book was fun. I’ll keep it in mind.

  3. I know what you mean about the sweater. it sounds crazy, but I am doing a colour-block jacket at the moment (very different from yours I must add) and I was thinking exactly the same about mine! However, I am carrying on with it because I think it will be ok in the end. Sometimes you just have to have faith in your original concept I guess.

    That not sleeping thing seems to be par for the course with the horrible gastric flu thing by the way. Most distressing.

    Get properly well soon!

  4. Hi, Joe

    Long time lurker here. Love the sweater!
    Do you think Skeleton Coast would be an appropriate read for a 13 year old? Trying desperately to get my son to read more, and he does have to write a book report soon.
    Cape Cod Mary

  5. Earlier Clive Cussler novels are better than the current ones. Anon 8:22 I think these would be o.k. books for a thirteen year old, all of the older books are available as unabridged books on tape and you should be able to find them at your local library, which can be a nice option if your son is reluctant to pick up a book. Also, some are available in abridged form I believe on itunes and if he is into downloading onto an ipod or mp3 player.

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