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A Different Rhythm

A reader recently commented that the rhythm of their knitting was disrupted by switching colors in intarsia knitting.

Like Riding a Horse
It made me think of the first time I ever rode a horse. The beginning of the horse ride was a trot through the rainforest areas of St. Croix. As beautiful as the scenery was, trotting was not a rhythm that my ass was appreciating. Until I realized that there was a pattern to the rhythm, at which point I could anticipated the movement of the horse, and ride it much more comfortably.

Similar to riding a horse, the rhythm of knitting in intarsia, is slightly more complex beat, but still can be comfortable once you get used to it. Especially when doing a repeating pattern like the colorblock sweater.

Current Knitting
I’m just about to reach the arm hole shaping on the front of the dark tweed pullover, and I’ve gone just past the arm hole shaping on the back of the colorblock garment.

Colorblock 01-28-07

As part of knitting this section, I ran out of my pre-made butterfly bobbins, and ended up making about 120 more. So now I should be in good shape to make ongoing progress on this sweater.

Update On Nico
The new little cat had just gotten comfortable with being around us, sleeping in our bed, sitting on our lap (some, not a lot), and playing with mouse toys. Here he is scaling the heights of his scratching post.

Nico On Scratch Post

One visit from a friend to our house, seemed to have made Nico a little skittish again, but Thaddeus has worked to get him back to being comfortable again.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my review of the new Almodovar movie, Rachel asks, “And talking about movies did you by any chance see the movie: Jesus Camp?”

First of all, I just found out there is a new release of 8 Almodovar movies available in a Almodovar DVD set. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy for Thaddeus’ birthday. In answer to Rachel’s question, no, not yet, but I plan on watching it. I’ve heard and seen some information about it, and I’ll be interested to see it.

Cortster writes, “Would it be too presumptious to ask for a close(r)-up picture of that mend job? It is truly amazing and a quick description of how you actually did it sure would be appreciated.”

I’ll see if I can get a closer picture. Basically, I just unravelled the knitting, starting at the hole, to detach the bottom of the sleeve from the upper portion. I unravelled both edges to eliminated any damaged knitting, and then picked up all the active stitches on double pointed needles. Since I was able to match the antique gold yarn, and the darker yarn, my only mismatch was the light blue. I used as much of the unravelled yarn as I could to re-create the missing fabric. I then grafted the two pieces together.

This kind of task always seems daunting until I actually do it, and then it seems to go pretty well.

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  1. Oh! Oh! The new Almodovar set better have “All About My Mother” (Todo Sobre Mi Madre)the best Almodovar movie ever!!

  2. The Almodovar set looks like the best birthday present, almost! (can’t bit some special yarn goodness)

    Regarding Jesus Camp, I will wait patiently for your comments.

  3. Intarsia is a bit like riding a horse I agree, but I think the increased interest the colour changes bring more that compensates for any initial difficulty. I don’t use butterflies though, I use those fold-back paperclips in the tiny size to grip the wool which I wind into a little ball. The weight of the clip helps to hold down the wool and I find it gives me a neater transition between colours.

  4. Thank you for the description. I went back to your earlier pictures of this sweater and its wound and can pretty much picture what you did. I’ve gotta say though, you are fearless!

    I’m going to give this a try on one of a couple of sweaters with similar wounds. Now I know who to go to if I run into a roadblock on the attempt.

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