Preoccupied and Planning 02-02-22

Speaking Out of Both Sides Of Their Mouths

No, I’m not talking about the White House administration again.

The Cell Phone Generation
In the airport yesterday, I was surrounded by a bunch of college students from University of Massachusetts. One of the students (I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female) was on the cell phone speaking with someone else the entire wait time in the boarding area (over and hour and a half).

But the nice thing about it, was that even though I was only about five feet from the student, I couldn’t hear a word that s/he was saying. I couldn’t understand how this person could carry on an interminable cell phone conversation without broadcasting his/her comments to the surrounding travelers.

I watched carefully, and realized that the person literally spoke out of the side of his/her mouth the entire conversation. It looked almost like a Simpson’s cartoon character, but it was very effective in keeping a publicly-held conversation, very private.

A very different technique than the loud, obnoxious idiot at the front of the plane whose conversation I could plainly hear, even though I was further away.

I guess we have things we can learn from the savvy youth. Now if I could just get one of them to set the ring-tones on my cell phone.

Current Knitting
I just made it to the arm hole shaping on the dark tweed pullover, and and I haven’t made any more progress on the colorblock sweater than the last picture I posted. The mended sweater was delivered to a grateful brother-out-of-law, but I didn’t get to take a more close-up picture of the mended area. Sorry.

Current Spinning
I finished plying the first of 2 or three large hanks of multicolored Merino.

Multi Plied

Un-ending winding onto the niddy noddy produced this…

Multi Niddy

…and then this.

Multi Hank

And here’s a closeup, so you can get a less-than-adequate sense of the lovely richness of color in this yarn.

Multi Closeup

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  1. And here I thought you were going to comment on the grilling your Attorney General got about sending Mahar Arar to Syria instead of home to Canada. The guy grilling him (Pat Lahey?) seemed to come very close to calling him a liar on the floor of whatever house that was in (the radio was on in the background. I missed some details.) Or possibly to responding “Bullshit” to his claim that they had assurances he wouldn’t be tortured. That Lahey guy was pretty impressive. Gave me some faith that at least some of your politicians are worth the paper they are printed on.

  2. See? Looking at this reminds me of why I want to learn to spin, so I can make freaking wonderful stuff.
    Not that that’s really likely.
    You should have made a video of the person talking, and it could be broadcast as a public service message.

  3. Fantastic depth to that yarn, really stunning!

    I just wish the youth wouldn’t text message non-stop in darkened concert halls and theatres! Those phone LCDs are blinding!

  4. He was on the phone for an hour and a half but probably only spoke 15 minutes worth….the rest of the time was the other person yelling WHAAAT?? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!! and then the mumbler mumbling yet again….

  5. The one thing I absolutely could not stand in the morning on the train, 7:18 a.m., was some moron calling their client/sig. other/mother and disrupting everyone else’s peaceful ride. I would turn my cellphone off on the train. If anyone wanted me, they could leave a fucking message.

    The depth and intensity of that yarn is stunning. And your background choice just brings out the hues. What’s the wpi? Looks like a fingering weight, maybe almost sport.

  6. You won’t be able to resist starting knitting that yarn! The colourblock sweater could be on the back-burner for a while I think!

    Mobile phones in all their modes and manifestations irritate me beyond belief. One day I fear I may commit some atrocity. Is mobile-rage a valid defence?

  7. Lovely job Joe. I just got some Buffalo Gold. It spun up beautifully. Have you spun up that beautiful red sliver from New Zealand yet? I think that’s next for me. After I spin enough Bison for a shawl.

    As for the phone, Bose noise reduction headphones and an Ipod. I know, $300 headphones. I sweat it pays for itself the very first time.

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