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New Is Better

I don’t like leftovers, I’d rather open a new bottle of orange juice than finish the open one, and I always want to start a new project instead of finishing a current one.

The dark tweed pullover is plain stockinette. The colorblock sweater is too. I had three empty Robin-wheel bobbins. I had beautiful new roving that Franklin sent me as a gift. That led to only one conclusion. I had to start spinning the Franklin-fiber.

Superwash Top

For proper documentation purposes, this is 5 ounces of Shepherd Wool Top from Lorna’s Laces. It is a superwash merino top, dyed in colorway “Camouflage.”

I needed to see how the singles would look when spun up.

Superwash 02-12-07

It spun up so nicely, I continued to spin more.

Superwash Second

Before I knew it, I had finished spinning over half the top.

Superwash First

With another empty bobbin on the Robin wheel, I couldn’t stop myself starting the second bobbin’s worth.

Superwash Last

Now, I just have this little bit to finish when I get back from vacation.

Superwash Remaining

Of course, I still have to ply the singles and scour the yarn and knit up either socks or gloves or a hat or something.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Nelda Davis workshop at Twist, Betsy writes, “Oh Jeez, Queer Joe, thank goodness Twist wasn’t there when I lived in New Hope…which corner is this on…I lived in the house on the SW corner of that intersection…I think it is now a real estate office”

Twist is on the Northeast corner of Route 202 and Aquetong Road. Right across the street is a Real Estate office on the Northwest corner. The Southwest and Southeast corners are still residents, as far as I know.

Feel free to have outrageous comment-wars while I’m gone. I’ll look forward to reading you comments when I get back (or sooner, if I can).

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