Jesus Camp

I Finally Understand The Michigan Militia

I just saw Jesus Camp last night, and I want to start my own version of the Michigan Militia to defend against the crazy people that are trying to take over this country.

I reacted to the movie, Jesus Camp on many levels. Like most rational people, I was frightened by the potential of the fanatical so-called Evangelicals. But mostly, I’d like to respond from a spiritual perspective.

This movie was very spiritually disturbing to me.

I would go so far as to say that what the parents and ministers, portrayed in this movie, were carrying out Satan’s very own work. Using children, to forward their unholy agenda was the worst part of what they do. Denying children the right to think for themselves, by indoctrinating them with all their brainwashing, should be an activity worthy of having them lose the right to parent their own children.

I was grateful in at least one way, that I got to see this documentary. It allowed me to come up with a response to religious proselytizing. If asked to “accept Jesus as my personal savior,” I would simply reply that I completely reject everything the requestor stands for. I reject their fanatical ideas about Jesus and Christianity. I reject their unthinking allegiance to an idea that is repeated by rote, as opposed to experienced. I reject their interpretation of the Bible. I reject them as humans…they have accepted the role of automaton.

Current Knitting
I finished the first sleeve of the dark tweed pullover, and started on the second sleeve.

I couldn’t get a decent picture, so I’ll have to post one with the next blog entry.

Local Knitting Classes
Did anyone get a chance to go to the Nelda Davis workshop this past weekend?

“Twist” is having a number of upcoming workshops that I thought some of the locals might be interested in:

Try Steve’s fun and quick way to knit mittens with two size 8 double-pointed needles.
Sun. Feb. 25, noon until 2 – FEE $25

Learn some fun techniques while you get started on a great scarf that knits up quickly with bulky yarn and big needles.
Sat. March 3, 10:30 until noon – FEE $25

Lisa Fuellemann will teach her first class at Twist. You will first learn the technique of this fun knit and then get started on a project of your choice with Lisa. Suggested projects include a beautiful wrap in ‘Scarf Style’ and a smaller pillow to finish more quickly.
Sat. March 10, 10 until 1 – FEE $50

Barbara Kerr returns for an all day workshop this month where she will teach us so many of the great tips and secrets she has collected over the years. Something for everyone.
Sat. March 24, 10 to 4 – FEE $70

This month, Steve tackles socks with 2 size 8 circular needles. What fun to knit up a pair of warm bulky socks in a short time!
Sun. March 25, noon until 2 – FEE $25

I think I’m going to try Steve’s class. I have no idea how well he teaches, or how useful his technique will be. I just think he’s fun and would give an enjoyable workshop.

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  1. Glad to have you back, Joe. I can’t wait to see the comments on this one. I don’t have children, I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t belong to an organized religion, but if I did have children I’d be making sure that their ethics training included independent thought and ensure that the faith chosen to help in that training fosters that.

  2. I don’t plan on seeing the movie. My upbringing was jewish, and that’s enough to give me a healthy paranoia of all forms of religious fanaticism. A little religion might be good, or at least doesn’t do most folks much harm, too much is always toxic. Like a socially acceptable form of mental illness, self-perpetuating and occasionally infectious. Very sad. Although I think your statement denying their humanity is a bit strong. You’re going to get all sorts of nasty comments from the afflicted ones.

  3. I want to see this movie – I have ever since I saw the previous a long time ago. I was raised in a strict religious household (I don’t attend church nor affiliate myself with any organized religion now) and I’m sure this will hit some nerves with me, too. Thank you for reminding me to check this movie out.

  4. From what I’ve heard about the movie, it sounds rather scary and more than a little disturbing. Having grown up in the Bible Belt – in the land of Bob Jones University & Heritage USA, praise Jesus – I don’t think there’s much I’d be surprised at, though.

  5. Yeah, I saw Jesus Camp a week ago… what I liked about it was that one from either edge of the fringe could appreciate it- meaning, that it was done objectively in true documentary fashion. But, on the other hand, f–k Al Qaida, we have bigger things to worry about in America. These folks mean business. Watching this flick, I was happy to live in BFE AK, knowing I could retreat to my remote property if I needed to get away from these crazy mofos… which will probably be pretty soon. Oh dear… at least I can harvest buffalo down in this neck of the woods for the spinning…

  6. The good news is this: in my experience (HS teacher nextdoor to one of the largest evangelical Christian “churches” in the midwest), many of those little automatons rebel spectacularly against the views foisted on them by their elders during their teen years. Which is sad I guess, as said rebellion is labeled sin and Satan rather than called what it is. Who you really need to worry about are the teens that rebel against their parents by joining these churches. They go on to be the unthinking adults we all fear.

  7. I was brought up in a strict religious environment where one didn’t “question” things.
    Thankfully my family is a mixed bunch of different Christian subsets, so I’m not too screwed up over it.
    However, these people are so wrong – children should be brought up to make their own decisions !

  8. I don’t seem to be capable of believing in any religion that I have ever come across. Don’t know why, even when all about me are confessing their evil ways and joining up for Jesus it just leaves me cold… Anyway the result was that my kids grew up with no religion other than the odd accidental encounter and I have to report that so far they are all perfectly fine, tolerant people with no obvious problems. Stuff like Jesus Camp gives me the horrors and as for intelligent design… If female plumbing is an example… well I rest my case.

    Glad to hear you got there and back safely. Is the hurricane damage all fixed?

  9. I was able to get to the Nelda Davis workshop at Twist – she was excellent! I’ve been spinning a very long time but this was the clearest explanation of drafting techniques I’ve heard. Nelda had an excellent handout which really explains the different drafts. I’m so glad Twist is having spinning workshops. Thanks for alerting me to them last summer! Just sitting in the shop and looking at all the wonderful yarn they carry is a visual feast.
    Regards from the Shore,

  10. If you have a chance, watch Alexandra Pelosi’s new, and incredibly scary, documentary on the Evangelical Movement in the US. Particulary amusing was the pastor Haggerty (I think is his name) who was caught after the documentary having gay sex and doing drugs. His unwavering ability to tell you that you are going to hell with a smile on his face just because you don’t agree with him is appalling.

  11. So I watched the movie today – yeah, Haggerty was a trip, I was thinking omg, stfu already, man! “If you use any of this I’ll sue you” lol I wonder if he tried haha

    I grew up in this movie… this was like an 84min trip down memory lane for me, and honestly, I’m glad that I’ve moved on.

  12. The movie itself seems very offbeat in places. But not all Christians are mindless drones, or “automatons”, as you called them. Some are, yes, but not all. I agree with you on most things, but this is not one of them.

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