Cancun 2007 Beach

Back Home

We left the house last Wednesday, and it was sleeting and the roads were icy. About 10 hours later, we were looking down on this.

Travel Thoughts
The car service ride to the airport was a bit scary. The driver was excellent, the roads were not. But we made it to the airport about an hour before flight time.

A dreary queen/gate agent for USAir told us our bags weren’t guaranteed to make it on the plane, and if they got to Cancun on a later flight, we’d have to go to the airport to pick them up.

We boarded the plane about 15 minutes late and then waited in a seemingly endless line to get de-iced. We ended up being on the tarmac for about four hours, but we did get to take off (unlike that JetBlue flight from JFK to Cancun that was on the tarmac for 8 hours and then got cancelled…when we heard this news story in Cancun, we felt a lot better about our flight).

The flight attendants announced they would be selling food, and after 6 hours of boredom, folks were quite willing to pay to eat. They ran out of all food well before they reached our row. When an alleged diabetic complained, the flight attendant basically said, “tough shit.” I need to write a blog entry about how much I detest when people use made-up diseases to justify their selfish wants, but that’s for another day.

Cancun immigrations, baggage and customs is a tiresome process, but we made it through relatively smoothly, and got transportation to our hotel.

Thaddeus declared he would never fly again.

Worth It?
Overall, our weather was nice while we were there. Some days of mostly cloudy skies, one day we even had some rain, but much better than the frigid temperatures we noticed happened in the Philadelphia airport while we were gone.

We had a spectacular suite in the hotel…this was our room, conveniently circled in red in the picture.

Cancun 2007 Room


We slept a lot. Ate even more, and got enough beach time in for a decent tan.

Fortunately, the travel home was much smoother. We got upgraded to first class on the flight home. It left on time and arrived 30 minutes early. U.S. Immigration, baggage and Customs was a breeze, and our car service driver was waiting for us as soon as we cleared Customes. It couldn’t have been much nicer.

I’d say it was worth it…can’t wait to go back next year.

Current Knitting
You might find this hard to believe, but I didn’t bring any knitting with me at all. I haven’t done one stitch of knitting since I last blogged.

11 comments on “Back Home


    glad you had a good time, and welcome home. hopefully nico was civil to you both upon your return.

    if thaddeus doesn’t want to fly, are you going to drive all the way to cancun next year? or take a cruise ship? just curious…

  2. I was thinking about you two that stormy day. But since the news was just talking about JetBlue out of JFK, I figured that you were at least on your way, even if you were delayed.

    If Thaddeus won’t fly again, how does he supposed he’s going to get there next year? Via mule?

    I have a weekend trip coming up in March. I don’t plan on knitting when away, either. There are other things in life to do besides knit.

  3. You picked the right time to leave Pennsylvania! Jet Blue had problems from the Pittsburgh Airport too –people camped out at the airport 3 days — So glad you had a good time, nothing like a vacation to a warm place in the deadd of winter is there?

  4. As a diabetic, I would have been very frightened under those circumstances. On the other hand, this is why you don’t take your fast-acting insulin until you have the food in front of you, and you can make a supper out of LifeSavers if you’re desperate and put some planning in your packing.

    The hotel looks like it was worth the trouble getting there.

  5. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “Spy Kids” (although why you would have is pretty much beyond me), but those pools look like something the villain/hero would have had.
    I think I want to study Mexican and Central American aesthetics more closely.

  6. glad your vacation ended well despite a hellacious trip out there. hope you’re doing well…it sure sounds like you are! πŸ™‚


  7. If you were a diabetic, travelling post 9-11 when food service is iffy at best and on a day when the weather was more than likely to cause delays wouldn’t you be smart enough to bring some food with you?
    I’d love to go to Cozumel during the winter months, but since I work at a school that’s not really possible unless I want to go during Christmas or spring break (I don’t). I’m happy to go whenever I can though. I never knit when we are there. I always bring something, but then I spend all my time diving.
    I was thinking of you when I saw the hideous PA weather on CNN it was bad here but worse for you. Glad you made it.

  8. Er, j9, there are these marvellous things called books. They’re just the thing to have with you when you’re flying, especially if you’re flying out of Australia and can’t take needles on the plane. As Mar says, there are more things in life than knitting. You should try them sometime.

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