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I know, it’s another reason I should have my gay card revoked, but I really don’t care about the Oscars.

The Positive Side
As I clicked through all the standard morning shows on television this morning, and watched the afterglow of last night’s awards, I could only think to myself, “At least I’m not having to hear about Britney and Anna Nicole as much today.”

I loved Pan’s Labyrinth, but I don’t need to know it won awards. It kind of makes all awards more cheap, when they give one to Jennifer Hudson. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Dream Girls, and I thought Jennifer Hudson was quite good, especially as a first-time actress. But it wasn’t an award-worthy performance, in my opinion.

Like I said, at least I didn’t have to hear about what body part Britney was shaving in public today.

Current Knitting
I’ve done some additional work on the second sleeve of the Dark Tweed Pullover. I’m hopeful to be finished with the knitting of this sweater by the end of the week, and do all the sewing up and finishing over the weekend.

Again, I wasn’t able to get a decent picture, so I’m postponing posting one at the moment.

I was browsing through The Knitting Vault last night, and saw an absolutely beautiful new shawl design by Sivia Harding, called “Hanging Garden Stole.” I couldn’t see the beaded cast-on/off edging she mentions in the description, but it sounds lovely.

It got me to thinking, why wouldn’t a designer post their patterns to the Knitting Vault? It cost nothing. It adds a free channel of marketing. And it handles all the overhead for letting customers order the pattern, download the PDF file, and it even distributes any errata to all customers who have purchased the pattern.

I don’t sell a lot of my patterns on this site, but I sell more than I would if the site didn’t exist.

I’m thinking about setting myself up with a new designer name, and publishing a bunch of simple, basic patterns for all sorts of knitted garments in a bunch of different sizes. A crew-neck pullover, a v-neck pullover, a cardigan, etc. They don’t have to be overly interesting, but it would offer a good source for purchasing an all-sizes pattern for some of the basic sweater designs.

We’ll see if I get the time, or if someone else beats me to it.

Spring 2007 Interweave Knits

IK Spring 2007

Despite the dreadful cover “design” that makes the magazine look like it’s trying to replace the old Workbasket magazines, there were two items in this issue that made the magazine worth buying.

The first was a wonderful man’s Fair Isle pullover. I love the colors and the overall look of the sweater is just right.

IK Mens Sweater

The second, was an article and a corresponding sock design by Eunny Jang on entrelac knitting.

IK Entrelac

I know a lot of knitters find this technique passé, but Ms. Jang adds a new excitement to the old technique, and like many things, uses it to its best advantage.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anne Marie and Marilyn both asked, “If Thaddeus won’t fly again, how does he supposed he’s going to get there next year?”

Thaddeus has said the same thing for the last couple of years, but he usually realizes that flying is better than being cooped up with doughy, white Americans on a cruise ship for a week. Our trip home was much easier. They upgraded both Thaddeus and I to first class, the plan arrived home 30 minutes early. Immigrations and Customs had virtually no one on line, and our driver was waiting for us outside customs. We’ll see if we can get him on a plane next year.

Concerning the lack of food on the plane, Patience noted, “As a diabetic, I would have been very frightened under those circumstances.”

The woman on our plane who complained about having no food to buy was in my estimation, either a liar and not a diabetic at all, or an idiot. Like Michelene mentioned, what diabetic would board a plane during an ice storm without having packed something to eat (if it was required to keep her healthy)? My bet was she was a liar.

Finally, Geraldine writes, “Glad to hear you got there and back safely. Is the hurricane damage all fixed?”

The hotel was completely restored and improved after Hurricane Wilma. They had replaced many of the doors and windows with stronger versions. The one thing you might note in the picture of the beach I posted is a back-hoe, which was removing some of the huge stones that got uncovered during the storm. The beach wasn’t quite finished when we left.

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  1. I quite liked the design on the cover of the Spring IK. Not bad for an MLP design.

    I think the Lady Eleanor Stole in Scarf Style is one of the reasons that there is currently a resurgence of interest in entrelac. It’s knitted in Noro and shows off the colour changes beautifully. I’m planning to knit a small scale version myself later in the year.

  2. Workbasket — exactly. I couldn’t quite describe it myself. Although it’s not quite as horrifying as many of the crochet “design” ideas being exploited these days.

  3. As opposed to the horrifying “designer” things made of railroad, eyelash, confetti, extruded petroluem “yarn”, of course.
    But, they’re knitted, so that makes them art?

  4. “My bet was she was a liar”. My bet was she was a brand new diabetic.

    Most diabetics learn to keep food with them in case of emergencies, but some of us have to learn the hard way. My learning experience involved a mid-air emergency, ambulances on the runway upon landing, and a planeful of REALLY pissed off passengers who were ordered to keep their seats until the paramedics could see to me. I haven’t been that thoroughly hated since high school. But you can bet I’ll never travel again without emergency rations in my carry-on. And I bet your fellow passenger won’t either.

  5. I had a number of observations on the new format of Knits and forwarded them on to the magazine’s editorial staff. I got a nice letter back from Katie Himmelburg. Since it’s a new format, they are welcoming readers’ feedback on it.

    In regards to the food situation, it doesn’t matter if you’re diabetic or not: if you’re in one of the last rows, never assume they have all the food choices. Be prepared and bring your own.

  6. Wow, Susan G., you’re not kidding the Hanging Garden looks like the Evening in Eden!

    Forgot to mention, Jos. I, too find Jennifer Hudson way underwhelming. I’m sick of hearing how she lost at American Idol and boy, did she show them…

  7. Indeed, who gives a rat’s ass about the Oscars. I’m with Kath. Jennifer Hudson needs to shut up about losing American Idol. I didn’t see any of the nominated movies and other than The Queen and the Judy Densch movie, won’t either.

    I watched Cold Case instead. Much more entertaining, sorry to say.

  8. yes the hanging garden stole is lovely. thanks for telling about it. i prefer stoles to shawl that i find a little bit auntie-ish. and the fair isle is gorgeous. it is a wonder to me that it is so hard to get hold of beautiful sweater patterns for men as i honestly think men and handknit sweaters agrees more than women and hand-knit sweaters.

  9. The Hanging Garden Stole was in Knitpicks for a while. I have the beads and the yarn in my stash.

    I’m going to tackle those Eunny socks, and I’ve never been interested in Entrelac. I’m excited to try something new.

    I agree the woman was faking. I had blood sugar issues as a child and yes, you always had something with you at all times. Besides, didn’t they have peanuts or somehting else on board?

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