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Power Cords

If they can come up with a pretty workable standard for weights and measurements in the country, why the hell can’t they come up with a standard plug for recharging all my electronic devices.

I know they have universal charge cords that you can buy with every possible tip to attach to every possible electronic device, but I know me, and I would eventually lose the most critical tip after only one or two uses.

I have two charge cords for my computer. Since I don’t want to carry one around with me, I keep one at home and one wherever I’m working at my client.

I have three charge cords for my cellular phone. One, I keep at home, one I carry with me, and the third one is for recharging my phone in the car.

I have a charge cord for my digital camera. I only have one of those, so I carry it with me.

I have a charge cord for my blue tooth headset. I keep it at home. Since I keep my headset in the car, I have to constantly remember to recharge it every couple of weeks or so.

I have other charge cords, but they either stay constantly plugged in, or I hardly every use them.

I guess looking like an octopus when I travel is the price I pay for wanting battery operated electronic devices.

Current Knitting
I’ve finally been able to get a picture of the current sleeve for the Dark Tweed pullover.

Dark Tweed 02-28-07

Believe it or not, this is about 12 inches of a 19 inch sleeve (without the sleeve cap shaping). Of course, the sleeve gets wider and wider as it goes up, so each row takes longer and longer to knit. But I’m still hoping to finish the sleeve by the end of the week.

Spinning Activity
I’ve been doing quite a bit of spinning lately. First of all, I plied the superwash merino from Lorna’s Laces that Franklin so generously gifted me.

Superwash Hank

I have no idea what I’ll use this yarn for, but whatever it is, it will be very special. The yarn is soft and the colors are spectacularly beautiful. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

I also decided to start spinning the other multi-color merino I had from Ashbrook Farms.

Bright Roving

I’m spinning loose singles that will end up producing a two-ply, worsted weight yarn (I hope). I’m really liking how the singles are coming out so far.

Bright 02-25-07

I think I’m going to like the resulting yarn from this wool as well, and it’s spinning up very quickly, since it’s thicker than I usually spin singles.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Ann Marie in Philly asks, “How is the colorblock sweater coming?”

I haven’t touched it since before vacation, but I intend to pick it back up sometime this weekend, when I get bored with finishing the dark tweed pullover.

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  1. I try to knit sleeves from the top down – psychologically it seems easier that they get smaller intead of bigger as you go.

  2. My problem seems to be that the cord for the cellphone I didn’t even want seems to have wandered off. No idea why it isn’t on the counter by the plug. I wouldn’t worry except that the next time my MIL visits she might want her phone.

  3. Not to worry! Pretty soon all those gadgets will be in one item that will conveniently be implanted into our heads, thus leaving our hands free for more knitting.

  4. That yarn is beautiful. I am droolingly jealous.

    Nice that you don’t have to plug in a spinning wheel or a pair of needles.

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