Singing Praises

I know I usually write with a critic’s voice, but today, I want to rave about a singer and some upcoming events she has coming up.

Namoli Brennet
When I was working up in the Albany, NY area, a friend of mine, who happened to be one of the judges for the “OutMusic Awards”, convinced me to go see Namoli at a local coffee shop.

I have never been the same about music. And now he tells me that Namoli is having an East coast tour (she’s from Tuscon, AZ). I checked out her tour dates, and she’s going to be performing at a little coffee house in Trenton, NJ on March 16th (about 30 minutes from where I live). I am definitely going to make it my business to be there with as many friends as I can convince to go see her.

Click on her site to hear samples of her music, and if you like it, click on the “Calendar” link to see if she’ll be playing near you anytime soon. You’ll be glad you went.

Current Knitting
I’ve finished about 15 inches on the second sleeve of the dark tweed pullover. Still working diligently to finish this up.

Current Reading
Over vacation, since I didn’t do any knitting, I was able to finish quite a bit of reading, so I thought I’d take a minute to review the two books I was able to finish.

The first book, was a recommendation by my mother. Key Witness by J. F. Freedman is an enjoyable, although rather formulaic legal thriller.

Key Witness

It reminded me a lot of Pelican Brief. Freedman does an excellent job of character definition, especially with the protagonist. Like most dime-store novels, which I consider this one, I was thoroughly engrossed in the story (perfect beach reading), although I felt that the author got lazy at the very end, and created a rather ridiculous “walking into the sunset” ending for the hero of the book.

The second book was from a friend who was with us on vacation. I finished my only book way too soon, and she gave me one of hers after she finished it.

Tremor Forgery


The Tremor of Forgery by Patricia Highsmith is everything I want in a book. It’s got a great plot and not in the least formulaic, the characters are interesting and out of the ordinary and the writing is practically perfect in every way. This book was published 1969 by the author of The Talented Mr. Ripley. She lived in my neck of the woods for a while, and the mother of the friend who lent me the book, used to edit some of Ms. Highsmith’s writing.

I will definitely need to check out some of her other work.

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  1. Patirica Highsmith is a wonderful writer. I discovered her when I was masquerading as a suburban housewife in the 1970s – she was staring moodily at me over the collar of a leather jacket on the back of a book. I read all the Ripley series on one gulp, and later discovered other novels and short stories of hers. I have a biography of her sitting on my bedside table as I write this. Did you know she wrote the first US lesbian novel with a happy ending (The Price of Salt) under a pseudomyn? It’s since been republished under her own name.

  2. Thank you so much for the referral to Namoli Brennet, her music is lovely. Sadly, she’s not coming anywhere near where I live any time soon, but I’ll keep an eye out.

  3. Hi Joe, found you on google search for knit blogs in sedona, where I will be in late May…wondering if there are any incredible LYS I need to visit. I think I’ve seen you before, are you on Mel’s blog list? That Patricia Highsmith book looks good, I’ll try to find it. What did you think of the new IK layout? I had so much to say about it I wrote the editor THREE times! Twice with what I don’t like, then I compared it side by side w/ the spring 06 and found there were many small things that I do like in the 07 version. My biggest beef? The pattern directions are separate from the pics, and I totally missed the pattern pics that were close to the centerfold. Liked that fair isle too. And as far as the religious right? EWWW!!! Weirdly I consider myself a christian (small c), but these folks give me the big old heebie jeebies. In our paper (Augusta ME… tiny city, tinier paper) today, there was a comment about a guy in FL who wants to keep his job after he undergoes sex change. Some minister said “if Jesus was here tonight, I can guarantee you he’d want him terminated”…. HELLO? Jesus=Love each other????? I forwarded your blog page to my BIL who is in Phil and likes music, maybe he’ll get to that concert!

  4. hey queer joe
    i’m very interested in your men’s knitted briefs pattern. I’m wondering if you can help me locate a similar pattern or the same one. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a pattern and you’re the closest i’ve come to finding one. I appreciate your help

  5. Oh, wow! I’m IN Tucson (I’ll never say I’m _from_ Tucson) and I’ve never heard of her. I’m marking my calendar!

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