Marilyn 03-04-07

Aesthetic Taste

Thaddeus and I had a visit from the infamous Curmudgeon this weekend, and one minor event piqued my curiosity.

Common Factors of Beauty
Whilst passing an antique store in Lambertville, Marilyn, Thaddeus and I all commented how much we liked a folk-art sculpture of a fish. Even though we saw lots of other folk art in the store windows, we all agreed that this simple fish sculpture had a certain genuineness to it.

There was nothing extraordinary about this fish, but for all of us, it seemed to have all the necessary components that made it a successful piece of art. And yet, none of us could tell exactly what it was that made it so successful.

I guess good art is kind of like pornography…you know it when you see it.

Current Knitting
I finished the last sleeve on the dark tweed pullover.

Dark Tweed 03-04-07

I didn’t end up sewing it together (although the shoulders have been together for a while now. I kept debating on whether I wanted to scour the pieces first (to remove the spinning oil), before sewing it up, and I never ended up doing either the scouring or the sewing.

I’ll finish it this coming weekend by sewing it up, and then scouring it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my review of Patricia Highsmith’s A Tremor of Forgery, M-H writes, “Did you know she wrote the first US lesbian novel with a happy ending (The Price of Salt) under a pseudonym? It’s since been republished under her own name.”

Yes, my friend who gave me the book told me the whole history of the book, including her pen-name, Claire Morgan. I wonder when someone will write the first gay man’s novel with a happy ending…lol.

Sonya writes, “i’m very interested in your men’s knitted briefs pattern. I’m wondering if you can help me locate a similar pattern or the same one.”

The pattern is available here:

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  1. at the risk of a curmudeonly flame, i think Marilyn looks great – relaxed and happy. i only “know” her from blogland, but methinks life is good these days. good for her!

  2. Hey, even I think that’s not a bad picture. And I hate pictures of me. We had a wonderful time–sorry nobody else could make it.

    Yes, I am very happy these days. And very relaxed. Life is good and has finally settled down.

  3. What a great photo of Marilyn – you can’t get a posed shot that is that great looking.

    Now I’m intrigued by the folk fish. Maybe it’s time for a trip to New Hope, just so I can see it for myself …

  4. A comment unrelated to the content of your current post, but I hope you’ll answer never-the-less. I know you have a Robin spinning wheel in birdseye maple and I wonder what maintenance measures you perform? I have a similar Robin wheel and as a new spinner (and a poor one at that – time and practice, right?), I am unschooled in the ways of wheel upkeep. Any hints for this particular wheel?

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