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Recognizing Bad Behavior

Whenever I want to write about stupid people, doing stupid things, I always fear I am giving them undue recognition, and I might be better off just ignoring them.

It’s no longer news, so many of you already probably have heard that Ann Coulter was asked to speak at a meeting of conservatives, and she ended up calling John Edwards a faggot.

Yes, I find her language hateful and ignorant and like a child trying to get as much attention as possible.

But what I find most deplorable, is that the core group of conservatives not only didn’t censor her comments, but some of them even laughed and cheered. They also had to have known she would grandstand in some hateful, ignorant way when they invited her to speak, so they clearly encourage her despicable comments.

It just shows that the folks representing the conservatives in this country seem to enjoy hating.

Current Knitting
I have just about finished the back of the colorblock sweater (I’ve finally decided that it will be a cardigan). I just have about 5 more rows and a little shoulder and neck shaping before it’s finished.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture. I’ll post one next week when it’s done, and I’ve started the front.

Marilyn’s Visit
As Marilyn mentioned in her blog, she and I visited Twist while she was down in my area. I completely agree with her, that it’s impossible to enter that store without walking out with at least something wonderful.

Especially, when Deb, the owner, has all the Debbie Bliss yarn on sale for 40% off.

Here’s what I ended up with.

First, I bought some of the Debbie Bliss, Baby Cashmereno. I thought these colors would make a great baby blanket. Deb, the owner of Twist, made a blanket with similar colors in linen stitch. That sounded like a very nice idea.


Like Marilyn, I was also quite pleased with two of the Lavold design books, so I picked up the two that I like.

Lavold Books

Finally, I bought some additional Cascade 220 to make some long overdue felted clogs.

Cascade 220

Like I said, I love that store.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Wily Generic writes, “I know you have a Robin spinning wheel in birdseye maple and I wonder what maintenance measures you perform?”

Very little. I only tighten the two allen-wrench bolts…nothing else.

Wily then goes on to asks, “Any hints for this particular wheel?”

Only one hint. Because of the type of tensioning this machine has, it sometimes pulls too hard on my singles. Someone told me that if you criss-cross the yarn back and forth a couple of times between guide-hooks, it reduces the tension-pull significantly. Other than that, the wheel works exactly as I had hoped.

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  1. Thanks for the spinning wheel info!

    I like the color collection of the Baby Cashmerino – as you say, perfect for a baby blanket. I’ll have to get myself to Twist one day to see what consistently tempts you and Marilyn. There are precious few yarn shops in Central Jersey worth the gas money.

  2. I recently bought some of the Lavold books too – including the two you bought. So many great designs – and a couple of weird ones. I just finished a vest for my husband out of her Silky Wool – very nice to work with and the cables look great. I love her stuff!

  3. I thought people with more than a grade five education stopped using that word. In my experience as a teacher, I never heard it in the playground from grade six kids and up.

  4. I read an article about what Coulter said, and the article, I remember, quoted someone as saying that her comment was “un-American”, and had no place in politics. I agree with the second statement, but unfortunately, a comment like that is un-American only in theory, not in practice. The article mentioned how America strives for equality and takes pleasure in diversity, again, something which seems to be done in theory rather than in practice. It seems like there are far too many Americans in power that like to talk big, like to hide behind pretty words that appease the masses while not doing a damn thing to make good on the ideals they claim to hold to.

    You’ll have to pardon my bitterness. A great deal about politics rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Ann Coulter rubs me the wrong way. I wish she practiced part of what she preaches: that is, stay at home, raise babies and keep her mouth shut.

  6. I agree with gauss. There is something about that woman that just drives me crazy. As a Conservative, I cringe when I know she will be getting the spotlight. What a poor sense of self and a poor sense of humor this woman must have. Again we confuse our moral opinions with positical statements.

  7. I have to get down there to visit my Auntie Lynn, she owns the travel agency next to Twist.

    Ann Coulter is just a neo-con harpy and should just be ignored/shunned.

  8. Unfortunately, Coulter reflects attitudes that are still prevalent in this country. Even my conservative friends despise her (yes, I have conservative friends). Ignoring her isn’t the solution. Censuring her, particularly if done by her “peers” in the Republican party, is the one way to silence her. And perhaps complaining loudly to the FCC so that she gets her mike taken away from her. If the FCC can fine Howard Stern, then why not Coulter? I find her far more obscene.

    Twist is wonderful. So if you can, get ye there. Joe, I didn’t see all your purchases because you had them scrunched up in your arms. Very nice!

  9. I’m sorry that your opinion of conservatives is tainted by Ms. Coulter. Rest assured that most conservatives are kind, considerate people who are tolerant of the differences in all of us, but do not want the government telling us how to behave, spend our money, or how to think. Remember, you guys have Al Frankin. Kindest regards. Shelly

  10. I consider Ann Coulter to be as despicable as my MIL. The only difference is that I had to meet my MIL to make that character judgment about her.

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