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Hateful Speech

Shelly left the following comment after my blog entry about Ann Coulter:

“I’m sorry that your opinion of conservatives is tainted by Ms. Coulter. Rest assured that most conservatives are kind, considerate people who are tolerant of the differences in all of us, but do not want the government telling us how to behave, spend our money, or how to think. Remember, you guys have Al Frankin. Kindest regards. Shelly”

She brings up two important points.

First, I agree with her, that there are a lot of very caring conservatives in this country, although, she describes the Libertarian viewpoint more than the conservative viewpoint in her description. I know a lot of very non-hateful conservatives, so I know what she says is true. My message about hateful speech was really trying to say, why don’t more conservatives speak out against that kind of speech, instead of encouraging it by inviting hateful speakers to speak at their events?

Second, her comparison of Coulter to Frankin is truly a “lemons to apples” comparison. Al Franken says things that are meant to raise the ire of conservatives, but he doesn’t make shit up about them. For instance, calling Rush Limbaugh a big fat idiot is unkind, but it’s not untrue.

I always love when folks try to justify assholes that are “on their side” by pointing out assholes “on the other side.” But I bet for every liberal asshole, I could name four conservative assholes. Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and Bay Buchanan are all as harsh or worse than Al Franken.

Current Knitting
I decided to finish the neck and shoulder shaping on the back of the colorblock cardigan before posting a picture, so here it is.

Colorblock 03-09-07

I have decided to use the same block pattern for the front two sides of the cardigan, so I don’t have to do so much color planning as I go along.

Current Spinning
I did some additional spinning, with the brighter multi-color merino.

Bright 03-04-07

I’m almost done with this bobbin of singles, and can’t wait to finish the second one so I can start double-plying this lovely yarn. Even more so, I’m looking forward to knitting with the resulting yarn.

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  1. Can I say that I despise the word “tolerate”?Like… in the context of “to put up with” or ” ignore”
    I am a card carrying liberal to the nth degree and I do not tolerate conservatives. I respect their views as long as they are not dripping with hate and hateful words.
    I actually love that people of viewpoints are at least involved in the debate and not apathetic. THey just need to hold a basic respect for each other. Like ” I do not agree with your views/stc. but I respect you because you are another human and just by that fact alone deserve respect”.
    Maybe in a perfect world….

  2. With all due respect to Shelly, I am not sure that I agree with her description of the conservative movement. I have in fact met some very kind and considerate conservatives, but the political movement as a whole does not strike me as “tolerant of the differences in all of us.” If so, then why seek to legislate against abortion or gay marriage, when there are plenty of folks whose religious beliefs support allowing them? If conservatives do not wish to tell us how to think, they why do they seek to insert religious argument in the classroom by imposing “creationism” or insisting on prayer in classrooms? If they do not wish to tell us how to behave, then why insist that the Ten Commandments appear on a courtroom wall? And so on, and so on.

  3. Bravo for your point re: Al Franken. He can be coarse, but his arguments are impeccably researched. Can’t really say that about Coulter and her pals!

  4. thanks, joe, for posting your colorblock sweater JUST FOR ME! (tee hee)

    it’s gorgeous and is inspiring me to try something like that on my own.

    have a nice weekend!

  5. “For instance, calling Rush Limbaugh a big fat idiot is unkind, but it’s not untrue.”

    You know Joe, I’m having a really shitty time right now. My husband left me, I’m depressed, I’m tired, and pretty goddamned pissed. But just now I laughed. Like I haven’t laughed in months Joe.

    Thanks. I needed that so badly.

  6. Shelly’s comment really irks me, in part, because it exemplifies a lot that is wrong with this country. Whether she meant to or not, she divided the country into conservatives and liberals, Coulter fans and Frankin followers. We are a country as colorful as your colorblock cardigan. Besides, when did being a political pundit grant someone the right to libel another individual?

  7. oh my goodness, I think I opened a small can of worms. First to wiley jeneric, don’t be irked, I agree with you. Frankly I was trying to be ‘clever’, and I dont give much credit to the ‘cheerleaders’ of the various political movements. my commments were certainly not intended to be devisive. Second, classic conservativism is based on small government, with personal responsibility promoted over government caretaking, a view more rabidly held by the libertarians. The rest is politics. I have enough of a sense of humor that I can laugh at the “political entertainers” on either side of the aisle. I’ll just turn off my computer now, pick up my knitting and turn on NPR. Shelly

  8. I too despise the word “tolerant.” It is pathetic that rather than respecting people and accepting others, we can merely “tolerate” them and think that a good thing. I am a silent reader of your blog, which I love, and your knitting, which I am in awe of. However, I had to say something this time! Good for you for being so vocal, but then can anyone really afford not to be?

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