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Anonymity And The Internet

Overall, I am very much in favor of the anonymity that the internet can provided. But like all things, folks will always find ways of using anonymity in less-than-positive ways.

Anonymity In Comments
I am fine with folks leaving anonymous comments on this blog. Unlike friends Marilyn and Kathy, I think it’s perfectly fine to attach no name or e-mail or web URL to your comments.

In ways, it makes it a bit more difficult to respond to anonymous commenters, such as my last post, where I wasn’t sure of which pronoun to use. But I consider the downsides to be minor inconveniences.

When I first started using the internet, I opted to create two on-line ID’s. One that was mostly for family and business, which included my full name. The other one, QueerJoe, which was used for all things personal (and has now extended to this blog). Having the anonymous moniker allowed me to redefine myself in an on-line forum, and I have to admit, I gained quite a bit of self-confidence as a result of being able to self-define.

I personally believe that well-written folks who can type quickly have a strong advantage in web settings, such as blog forums, newsgroups and chat rooms. Since I’ve always felt confident writing, and I can type pretty quickly, I’ve always been able to present myself very well on-line. More so perhaps than in person.

Most folks who read this blog, don’t know my last name, and I’m glad for that. There have been folks that have tried to damage me or my reputation in the past using this blog as ammunition, and I’m glad to say that no one has been successful yet.

Current Knitting
This past weekend, I spent time on three different knitting projects. The first one is a secret, so I can’t go into it. The second two, blog readers are already aware of.

First of all, I finished my fourth willie warmer felted clog.

Felted Clogs 03-18-07

I think I’ll complete at least two more pairs before I felt any of them. I’m figuring that the more crowded the washing machine is, the faster they’ll felt.

I also made so more progress on the colorblock cardigan.

Colorblock 03-18-07

This shows that I’ve made it past the armhole shaping, and I’ll soon be doing shaping for the neckline.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Carol asks, “Joe, do I count as immoral if my third kid was a twin and therefore born along with the second?”

Normally, I would say it was completely immoral, but yours are so cute, they make up for their overpopulating parents.

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  1. Damage your reputation? With this blog? I can’t think of a single thing you’ve written that would make any clear-headed person think ill of you.

    And certain things, like the knitted underpants shot – well, that could only, um, enhance your reputation.

  2. You are a veritable clog knitting machine. I agree that felting them together is likely to be more efficient. A friend of mine is planning to make a bunch of felted slippers to have in a basket by her door for guests. At first, I wondered if that was your plan, but clearly you have individuals in mind for these.

    I agree about the anonymity thing. I think it is also a good idea that googling my name doesn’t pull up my blog. While many of my clients know that I knit and homeschool, I like to have some control over when and how they come to know that. And it is largely irrelevant to how I will do the job they hire me to do (though I suspect some would worry that the homeschooling might impact).

  3. Well once again, I owe you my thanks. I am starting a blog (kniting will be mentioned, but it isn’t really a knitting blog because I simply don’t knit enough –slow and lack of time–to sustain a knit blog. I had never even considered people attacking due to a blog. I know, I probably should have, but I am of the mind-set, if you don’t like the Internet folks (who you don’t know at all, despite feeling like you do), simply click away. The best way to ruin someone on line is to ignore them so they rank low on google. Since my blog will have lots of politics, I may rethink my position on comments……

    As always, the knitting is amazing. Please comment on the consistency of felting. I did slippers, but one is considerably larger than the other. I am not sure why–same yarn, same needles, same machine at the same time to felt.

  4. If you have some clean tennis ball throw them in the washer when you felt, that really speeds things up & don’t forget to zip them into pillow protectors, your washer will thank you.

    There was a time in my life when I thought bringing children into this mess of a world was immoral. Now I have 3 kids, we grow and change.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog.. all subjects included… have never been offended at all. Speaking of the ummm Willie Warmer… I can’t find the pattern for that though I’ve seen your name linked to this frequently in my search. Can you tell me where I can find it?…. Thanks πŸ™‚ BTW your knitting is awesome and an inspiration to me to keep on knitting!

  6. I never suggested anyone needs to fill me in on where they live or their children’s names or their work address or anything like that.
    I think it’s cowardly to attack folks in blog comments and remain hidden behind a door.

  7. been reading your blog for a while now and I think you are great, I am also in awe of the color block sweater! Moreso is a word btw

    oh and Gen Pace…He must have a woman at home that makes him feel less than manly! I mean WTF does he think he can catch it?
    Keep on keepin on…www.sjghknits/

  8. Yep, agree with Evil Witch. Somehow, I think I know her.

    It’s one thing to publish your last name. I don’t, although I imagine a few of my readers know it. However, my first name is unusual enough so that when I sign a comment, it’s probably me.

    To give one of the Anonymouses their due, “moreso” is not a word.

    Now why they couldn’t sign their name to that is beyond me. Even if it’s a name like “Evil Witch Bitter Mean Regular Commenter.” Or “Pompous, Ego-infused Pedantic Waffle Iron.”

    Using “Anonymous” as an identity is rather unimaginative.

  9. Moreso is in the OED. Under more. Well, ok, it’s noted as US idiomatic.

    The Manual of Style would whack you one for using it in a publication, but it is there.

  10. Hi Joe, just found your blog – love your color block sweater and I can wait to see it finished – and I am working on the same slippers – pair number two….what do you prefer for felting yarn? I’ve tried a number of brands, just curious about your favorite!

  11. I agree with Marilyn, signing a comment annon, is not very creative. I sign my real first name as well as an online name I will use on my own blog some day. Grow a back bone and a little thicker skin out there people! Oh, by the way Joe are you still interested in selling the rare breed sheep book? Loraine

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