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Presidential Election Prediction

I know the election is more than a year and a half away, but I wanted to make my prediction now.

I predict that the 2008 presidential elections will have the lowest turnout of any presidential election in U.S. history

Here’s Why
None of the candidates on either side of the aisle have any poll-magnetism.

Think about it. On the Democratic side, you have:

Clinton – Outside of the Northeast, even Democrats seem to hate her.
Obama – No experience, and it takes more than “likable” to get voters to the polls
Edwards – Same likable factor, without as much magnetism as Obama

On the Republican side, you have:

Giuliani – He’s way too liberal for the conservative voting block
McCain – He’s pissed off Republicans with his support of the war
Romney – Conservative Christians would rather hang a cross upside down than vote for a Mormon

So, unless something completely unforeseen happens, like Jeb Bush joining the Republican candidates, I think most Americans will sit home on election day 2008.

Current Knitting
Despite having to carry around eight different colors of Araucania, I decided to bring the Colorblock Cardigan to Massachusetts with me this week.

Colorblock 03-28-07

As you can see, I’ve finished the left/front side, and now it’s time to start the right/front side. For those of you that like to see the “ugly side,” here is the required reverse side photo.

Colorblock 03-28-07 Reverse

I’ve always enjoyed intarsia, and this simple pattern with rich, interesting colors, is making the current project enjoyable to knit.

By the way, Twist is having an intarsia workshop with Lisa Fuelleman on Sunday, April 15th from 1:00 to 3:00 for anyone interested. I’ve never taken a class with Lisa, but I know her from my Simply Knit days, and she’s a real sweetheart for anyone that’s interested.

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  1. As someone who used to do a lot a needlepoint, I always look at the back side of a person’s project. My grand monther taught me THAT says volumes about the quality of their work, whether it is needlepoint,sewing, knitting. The back side of your work is an neat as the front. Loraine

  2. re: Hillary. There are some of us in the Northeast who absolutely,
    positively hate.her. I have no use for a carpetbagger with a hard voice, the magnetism of Cruella DeVille and a face like Anne Coulter. It’s no wonder Bill strays…

    Colorblock sweater looks really nice – both sides. Isn’t it a pain keeping all the bobbins straight?

  3. Hilary is unelectable and therefore I have no use for her. Plus she’s strident, polarizing and refuses to take a stand on anything. I actually like Edwards and if he could get out of the shadow of Hil-bama, I think he’d do ok.

    On the republican side, you forgot Mitt Romney’s weird Mormon underwear, and Fred “I’m not really a D.A. – I just play one on teevee” Thompson.

    It really is battle of the titans, isn’t it? Pttoey.

  4. Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment of the candidates. After this administrations failures and lies, the 2008 election is the Democrats’ to lose. When a corporation is hiring a CEO, I wonder if they consider the “likable factor” over hard management experience, as much as we do in choosing our presidents. If this is the best we can do, we’re in trouble.

  5. Really, its not just in the US that the politicians are so uninspiring/unethical and so on, it seems to be a trend all over the world.

    One thing I am wondering is whether they are really any worse than the used to be in the ‘good old days’ or are we just older, hopefully wiser, and in posession of 20/20 hindsight?

    Could the proliferation of the media and the way every tiny detail is reported have something to do with it. I am sure that in the past our leaders had a lot more privacy (for good or ill I don’t know). Sometimes these days I am reminded of monkeys scratching at each others fleas.

    Anonymous, what do you mean about Joe’s choice of colours? Perhaps you need to enlarge a bit on your comment if you want to lurk behind a nom-de-plume. Don’t forget it could be your monitor or Joe’s camera doing things to colour. Having said that I do like the colours in the colourblock sweater; at least I like them how they are appearing on my monitor!

  6. dear joe, I hope you are incorrect about your prediction. true, there is nothing on the democrat side that makes me jump up and shout “that’s the one!”. the redumblicans don’t impress me either.

    but NOT voting is already such a concern in this country.

    I am holding out hope that there is still some undeclared leader out there who hasn’t made her/his name known (yet).

    hillary – UGH! waaaaay too bitchy for me. and yes, I am a democrat from the northeast.

  7. Geraldine, this is something I’ve been thinking for a while, and thought I’d mention it to see if anybody else agreed. I don’t see any harmony in the colourblock colours – it seems like a jumble of everything thrown in together. The mustard and lilac/grey are yukky. The sweater needs a unifying theme – mostly greens/greys with touches of warmer colours or vice versa. I feel the same way about the quilt and the design of the blog (it is an improvement on the previous look). Joe needs to look at colour theory.

  8. Interesting comments on the outcome of the election. However, the controversial Hillary 1984 video seems to have sparked a lot of interest for the election as more 2 million people have seen it. The emergence of more presidential video clips will contribute to more voters becoming interested in the election.

  9. Joe,
    When I see such vehement opinions like Leslie’s and Carol’s I can’t help thinking that something else is going on.

    Have their opinions been affected by some smear/propaganda campaign. I juat can’t imagine anyone talking about GWBush like that, and he deserves it. Their language seemed out of proportion for talking about a political candidate. Any ideas?

    I will probably be slammed for my comment, but it was my genuine reaction when I read their posts.

  10. I’ll be voting, but I’m still up in the air between Clinton and Edwards. Obama needs a few more years in the Senate.

    Your color sense is fine. You’ve chosen colors that have similar value, so they blend with each other instead of clashing with the red as accents. The Colorblock Cardigan can go with many different outfits and doesn’t scream “handmade”. In my eyes, color theory is a guideline that you learn, then you learn how to break it effectively.

  11. I’ve been looking at the colour blocks again after the various comments. (I was surprised at how unconstructive some of the comments were.) My first reaction to the colour combinations was lukewarm but the more I look at that piece of knitting the more I like it. Carry on Joe, it looks great.

  12. Joe, though I may not always like your politics, I do like your sense of color. The sweater is wonderful. Of course I’ve been told I need a good color theory class myself. Giuliani in 08. Shelly

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