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Revelations From Comments

Thank you all for your comments on Mormonism. I had forgotten the impact of loneliness and the searching, empty feeling some folks have. I had also forgotten how the decision to have faith isn’t a pragmatic decision.

Now it all seems clear how someone might make a decision, that to me, would seem to be irrational.

I know what the definitions of atheists and agnostic are, but what do they call someone who has an unclear idea of some higher force that could be considered god?

Book Recommendations
I also appreciated the perspective that some of the Mormons or ex-Mormons provided by reminding me that taking something mystical out of context could make most religions looks silly.

Thanks also to the folks that provided book recommendations on the subject

Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

The Poet and The Murderer by Simon Worrall

Shot in the Heart by Mikal Gilmore

I’ll have to check them out and see if I can add them to my pile of books to read.

Current Knitting
I finished another couple of rows of blocks on the front/right of the Colorblock Cardigan.

Colorblock 04-05-07

I’m hopeful to finish this part and move on to the sleeves this coming weekend.

Current Spinning
I opted to go with the deep plum colored merino. The two singles alone had very little differentiation, and looked rather brown when swatched. The bright red completely changed the color of the yarn, and I didn’t like it. The pine green seemed to have very little effect

The plum seemed to blend the colors more, but at least it gave the yarn, and test swatch a more plum color, which I prefer over muddy brown. Thanks for all the advice, especially about swatching the resulting yarn.

Here’s the result of my efforts.

Bright 04-03-07

I’ll try to get a decent picture of what it looks like swatched up in a knitted fabric.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
First of all, thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. I had a very nice birthday, with an unexpected cake from client project team members. I also got to have lunch with my sister-out-of-law at one of my favorite restaurants in Springfield, MA (Big Mamou’s). Thaddeus and I will celebrate this weekend.

Mel asks, “Is it true what they say about you being a hits whore?”

Could you have any doubt? I’m almost up to one million hits since I first started this blog, and I was considering having a contest where the winner would have to send me a screen print of the hits counter on my blog at 1,000,000 or whoever came closest if the millionth hit wasn’t recorded for posterity. I’ll never be a Franklin or a Stephanie, but I like that folks read my blog.

0 comments on “Revelations From Comments

  1. Just wanted to say that that picture of the Colourblock Cardigan seems to be the best yet for showing off the colours – at least from where I’m sitting. The colours seem a lot more alive and zingy.

  2. So I’m a day late – shoot me.[No, you can’t have my yarn; I’m taking it with me.] But Happy Birthday, may you have many more, and I’ll try my best to remember to hit on your blog at random intervals, if it’ll make you happy. I like my knitters happy.

  3. I’ll pipe in with Emma – I wasn’t in love with the colors before, but dang that photo makes them look so much more vibrant. Is this latest photo more true to color or is it somewhere between the two (today’s picture and the one from last week).

    I moved my blog to Typepad and now I’m always looking at my stats. I don’t expect people to be reading my blog, but it is nice to see that there is someone out there looking at it (makes it feel less like just spewing words into the void).

  4. That is a nice photo of the colorblock cardigan–although I’ve thought it was fine all along. Your knitting should always please you first, of course.

  5. I’m not sure what you mean by your question “what do they call someone who has an unclear idea of some higher force that could be considered god.” Do you mean someone who senses there is a higher force but doesn’t have an idea of how to represent that force? If that’s so, I don’t have an answer.

    I believe in the existence of a higher force that manifests itself in many forms to different people. This “presence” has no tangible image to me but for lack of a neutral term I refer to the presence in feminine terms. I call myself a deist to explain my belief to others but I don’t think that’s the right term to answer your question.

  6. Colour theory is all well and good, BUT we have to knit what makes us happy, no? If something I’m enjoying knitting goes against colour theory, they’re going to have to send the colour theory police round to make me frog it! Which isn’t going to happen, because I can defend my knitting quite well with all my dpns. πŸ™‚
    And I can certainly see how those zingy colours (that red looks especially marvellous) and the neatness of the blocks in the colourblock sweater would be very pleasing to knit. All the best, Joe!

  7. Sorry I missed the birthday! Belated Happy Birthday to you.

    (I was busy being an amateur flyer with my rowdy children. We managed to spend more than 4 hours in one crowded airplane and only annoy one other passenger. I think we did pretty well.)

  8. Universalist? Then you can find definition as it resonates, or not. I suppose I’m in this nebulous category, and if someone asked me to describe what I was I would probably say universalist Quaker. (Really am Quaker, but that is more a social designation than one of religious dogma).


  9. Happy Belated Birthday.

    I love the colorblock sweater. The colors you chose goes together well.


  10. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and enjoy it very much. I also love the colors of the colorblock cardigan. I hope this is not an inappropriate question, but I am a new knitter about to seam my first sweater sleeves. I was excited to read your tutorial but was unable to see any of the pictures. Is it just me or should I be able to see them? Thanks and P.S. Happy Birthday!

  11. Out of lurkdom to say I enjoy your blog. πŸ™‚ Another book with an essay about the Mormon Church is “Making Book” by Teresa Nielsen Hayden. She writes about her excommunication from the Mormon Church, and other interesting things. She’s an accomplished knitter as well. Her blog is co authored by her husband, Patrick and other guest bloggers. It’s called “Making Light”.

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