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A Day Of Mourning

Yes, it’s a time to mourn the loss of lives in the beautiful town of Blacksburg Virginia, but it’s also time to mourn any chance of rational legal decisions coming out of the U.S. Supreme Court.

When The Bible Is More Important Than The Constitution
Justice(?) Kennedy’s majority opinion was filled with shrill emotionalism and moral justifications for the decision, rather than basing the decision on sound legal principles.

I fear a lot of things based on this one critical decision.

First of all, this decision is the first in-road into eroding a woman’s right to govern her own body, and also the erosion of civil rights.

Second of all, and I never thought I’d ever write this, but I miss Sandra Day O’Connor. This “Robert’s Court” is going to be just as dreadfully fanatical as I had feared.

Third, it’s just another example of how the harm this dunce-of-a-president has done to this country will be very long-lasting.

Current Knitting
I did end up finishing the first sleeve, and I’ve made my first attempts on starting the second sleeve.

Colorblock 04-19-07

While I would honestly like to say that I would hope to finish the second sleeve sometime this weekend, I don’t think I really will. I keep thinking about my bulky handspun, and what I want to make with it, so I think I’ll be working a little bit on a new project in addition to trying to make some progress on the colorblock sleeve.

Current Spinning
With the completion of the multi-colored bulky yarn, I decided to start working on spinning up Madelyn, the lovely alpaca roving that Mel sent me.

Madelyn 04-15-07

The fiber is soft and silky, and I am enjoying spinning these singles. I can’t wait to ply them up and knit them into something lovely. I think I may dye the fiber and maybe even make Kathy’s Boteh Scarf from the lates Interweave Crochet.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Emma in France notes how Kathy’s Boteh Scarf in the latest issue of Interweave Crochet has generated a lot of excitement, and then asks “Do you (and possibly Kathy) think that the new editor of IC (Kim Werker) is going cause a change for the better?”

I know Kathy put a short answer in comments, and I also agree with that. I don’t follow crochet magazines as closely as knitting, but the latest IC definitely seems to show some interest in a higher class of design. It’s encouraging, and I’m hopeful that Kathy’s thoughts are correct about the new editor. I will also be making one of Kathy’s Boteh scarves. It looks like fun, and I think would make a nice gift.

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  1. Oh, that SC “ruling” makes me furious.

    The idea that the majority could say, “Yes, Congress legislated on bad data re: there never being a health risk requiring this procedure, but we’re going to let it stand anyway,” is baffling and horrifying in equal measure.

    I took my outrage over to Planned Parenthood and gave them money, because I didn’t know what else to do.

  2. What’s weird is that they said there doesn’t exist a health reason for ever having the procedure and then say if there is a reason the doctor and patient can take their case to court on a individual basis. First of all, who’s going to go through all that? Second, don’t court cases take time? There’s a clock ticking if someone needs to have an abortion! I was really upset when I read about this decision in the NYTimes…


    this article is pretty interesting. It links to a more detailed version of the same story, in which I found this gem:

    “No matter if the mother would be forced to have, for example, a kidney transplant or a hysterectomy if she continued with the pregnancy. (Legislators did not provide a health exception for the woman, arguing that it would provide too big a loophole.)”

    Disgusting. They don’t give a shit about the sanctity of life for the already living or for the child once it is out of the womb. I can’t imagine knowing that my baby would die minutes after it was born and being forced to carry it anyway.

  4. I would ask Justices (HAH!) Scalia, Thomas, Alito & Roberts if each would like to take in a child conceived via rape and born with sadness by the victim for nine long months. They could each then additionally volunteer to lovingly raise a child left orphaned by the death of its mother in childbirth.

    These so-called “christians” are all for protection of the unborn and do nothing for their quality of life after leaving the uterus. I think Jesus would be ashamed of these things done in his name.

  5. Thanks for highlighting this awful decision. I agree that the Supreme Court is where we will have to bear the longest-term consequences of W’s administration – and considering the short-term consequences, that’s really scary.

  6. Leslie, you wrote exactly what I think.
    There is another tragic potential here. I have a vivid memory from my childhood of the death of a girl up the street from me. No legal abortions available, so it was backstreet, coathangers, infection and too often, death. Too high a price to pay for someone else’s sense of morality.
    Barb B.

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