Wolverinas 04-22-07

A Fiber-Filled Weekend

I started two new projects, got a yarn birthday gift from knitfriend, Carol S., and met up with the Wolverinas to show off knitting and gab for an hour or so.

KnitFriend Meet-Up
Today, I met up with Marilyn, Carol, Kathy and Marilyn’s granddaughter, Liz.

It was a fun time, as usual. Marilyn told funny family stories, Kathy regaled us with wonderfully funny gossip, Carol was hysterical, and poor Liz had to put up with four old fuddy-duddies. At least Liz looked amazing, and was fed extremely well. I hope that made it worth the trip for her.

As part of the get-together, Carol very generously gave me a belated birthday gift from her stock of incredibly dyed yarns.

BB Blue Merino

This is a fine Peruvian Merino that she hand-dyed (like all the Black Bunny Yarns). If I had only had this a few days ago, I would have used it for one of my new projects.

Current Knitting
As feared, I worked not even one stitch on the colorblock cardigan. Instead I stared two new projects that I was just too excited not to start.

New Project 1
The first one was the Boteh scarf that friend Kathy designed and was in the latest Interweave Crochet.

Boteh Scarf 04-22-07

I’m knitting it in some mystery cone yarn that I’ve had hanging around forever. The pattern is addictive. Have you ever worked on one of those projects where you want to just keep making it to the next part. The Boteh scarf is one of those projects.

I’m not an expert crocheter, and the pattern has some areas where it’s a little unclear. But as soon as I was finished the second triangle, the rhythm was set, and I have already finished 10 triangles (the picture wasn’t updated in time for blogging).

New Project 2
I couldn’t resist starting something with my latest homespun, and with my recent purchase of a couple of the Lavold books, I found something that I thought would be perfect.

Bulky Lavold 04-22-07

Lavold does hers in a DK or sport-weight yarn, and mine is in bulky, but I stole her edge patterning completely. It’s making the colors of the bulky multi-color merino stand out incredibly well (this one looks better when clicked on to enlarge). The fabric is also incredible soft and warm.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Readers Zaz writes, “I could not find your email, i wanted to thank you for the willy warmer pattern.”

I was so grateful to hear from Zaz, as she had a copy of the Willie Warmer pattern that I had lost in my last migration to the latest version of blogger. The pattern is linked in my sidebar for anyone who might have been looking for it. Thanks Zaz.

0 comments on “A Fiber-Filled Weekend

  1. I can tell you that Kath’s Booteh pattern kicks ass. Joe’s looks swell and his handspun is much lovelier even than in photos. You can’t see the interplay of the colors as well in a photograph. I also got to see the colorblock sweater, which is also gorgeous in person. The way each color has striations in it adds something.

    Oh yeah, and Joe has a really big package.

  2. The orange scarf looks really great. I may have to go looking for a copy of the magazine it is in.

    Also, the cable looks great. It made me think of celtic knotwork carved in stone. And at the same time, I wanted to cudle and touch it. The colors look great.

  3. ARGH. And you think Kathy takes a lousy picture? Jesus, Joe, why didn’t you PhotoShop me outta that one?

    The blonde is bottled. My hair is pure white if I don’t dye it. Who wants to look like their 83-year-old momma?

    That Boteh scarf is definitely on my Irritate the CTS list. I’m dying to start making it. Liz said she’d like one.

  4. Sometimes you have to make sure that no one searching your blogger profile ever finds an association with a phrase like that.

    Liz’s Ford seatbelt belt rocks.

  5. I’m totally hangin’ out for that issue to reach us here in OZ … it looks like entrelac in crochet!
    Possibly a GOOD thing that I’ll be waiting for probably another month or so before it gets here.
    If it gets here.

  6. Hey, catsmum – it might even be here on Friday! I checked with the local newsagent this morning and they said it’s about a month overdue – the knitting edition is on the shelf, but not the crochet – yet.

  7. Boy, that was something an Evil Witch Regular Commenter would say.
    Wow, you must be bitter and mean and twisted.
    Wait, what are the rest of those constant lines?
    You must not have children or a husband who loves you, you’re jealous, you have esteem issues, you’re a hater….

    Oh, and you’re “anonymous”.

  8. Gee, wish I could confess to copying “your” scarf pattern Kim but alas, I’ve never seen it.

  9. Me neither. Never seen that scarf pattern, Kim. Presume it’s on your website. All I know is that Kathy’s is the one in IK and that’s the one I’m going to make.

  10. What I like most about Kath’s designs is how she is fully aware of the differences between knitting and crochet — structurally — and always designs in such a way as to take advantage of crochet’s strengths, rather than simply translate a knitted item into a crocheted one. That’s talent.

  11. What would we all do without the Expert’s Expert telling us about the differences between knitting and crochet?
    Crochet takes more yarn than knitting? Really? Wow!

  12. thanks for showing the “boteh”; i’ve got my version of it in my lap now. wasn’t sure which way the tips went. i’m using some metalic thread…”Ritratto” so it’s looking like a metal shread.

    thanks for showing Mar’s smile. she’s beautiful.

  13. As we all know it’s almost impossible to come up with anything in knitting or crochet that’s never been seen in any manifestations before.

    Not saying that anyone copied me, or accusing anyone of anything. Just noting that it has very similar lines, in spite of the basic structural differences between the two crafts. And that although those lines are similar, variegated colors won’t behave the same in each. I get people asking me quite often to reinterpret my snake scarf in crochet. Since Joe’s post I’ve begun referring them to the pattern in IK.

    But why are you so defensive?

  14. before we consider whether she’s defensive, can we talk about what woudl possess someone to enter a conversation about how nice someone else’s design is by saying ‘yes it is lovely it looks just like MY design.’

  15. Ah, yes, the old “why are you so defensive” routine.
    You forgot the “I seem to have struck a nerve” part.

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