A Fungi Weekend

For those in the Northeast of this country that don’t know, this is morel season.

Both last weekend and this weekend, Thaddeus and I went out in search of our elusive favorite mushroom, the morel.

After hours of trudging through the woods Northeast of here, we were able to find a combined total of exactly two morels.

Extremely disappointing. I’m hoping Thaddeus’ searches this week will yield a better crop.

Current Knitting
I did some additional work this weekend on the bulky Lavold-like pullover.

Bulky Lavold 05-06-07

This is almost up to the point of reducing for the sleeve opening, so I’m close to finishing the front of this sweater. I won’t be working on it this week, since it’s easier to transport the colorblock cardigan sleeve I’ve not been working on.

0 comments on “A Fungi Weekend

  1. Geez, when I first glanced at that picture, I thought they were uncircumcised peni instead of propinki.

    Missed you at Maryland.

  2. Carol I won’t say I’ve that many in “person” so to speak but I think you’d need a doctor if your knob looked like that …a long bath at the least !

  3. Huh. You’re out looking for morels. About 3 weeks before there’ll be any around here. Morels in cream sauce with dill….the best part of spring.
    Barb B.

  4. Doesn’t look appetizing but maybe it is (the morel mushroom). As for me, I prefer my mushrooms to come from Kroger’s! πŸ™‚

  5. Anon, that’s cause you have never tasted the real thing. It’s like the difference between a tomato from the grocery, and one you just picked off the vine.
    Barb B.

  6. I wonder if we’ll get any here (No. WI) since it’s been so dry. I think season is still two weeks off, anyway.

  7. If you guys were up in Andover, I’ll bitch-slap ya for not stopping by to say hello. I’m not all that far from your morel-hunting fields, ya know. Sure, morel hunting was just an excuse to go to Hotdog Johnny’s, wasn’t it?

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