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Hide The Problem

The Army is getting as bad as the Catholic Church in terms of transferring the problems somewhere else, rather than firing someone who is homophobic and racist.

Why Didn’t They Fire Her?
What an amazing standard of acceptance. It’s not okay to say you’re a homo, but it is okay to unprofessionally send homophobic and racist e-mails to a potential recruit, and just get re-assigned.

Sgt. Marcia Ramode, a Brooklyn-based Army recruiter, was reassigned last week to a job at West Point, the Army’s service academy after allegedly sending an e-mail with some of the following comments to an African-American, who said he was gay:

gays are “disgusting and immoral”
the potential recruit should “go back to Africa”
he should do his “gay voodoo limbo tango and wango dance.”

The Army can’t release how this sergeant was punished, and it is assumed she took a lesser job, and/or lesser pay. Having worked in Human Resources for decades now, that sergeant would have been fired for similar behavior in any other company than the military.

Clearly, this is just another example of how gay-hating sentiment is acceptable, but being gay isn’t.

Current Knitting
I finished attaching the sleeves and seaming up the colorblock cardigan yesterday.

Colorblock 05-23-07

I also starting working on a very simple 1×1 ribbed button band.

Colorblock Buttonband

Overall, I like the sweater a lot, and I think it will be a very versatile and nice sweater to have around for a chilly office or movie theater. However, I’m not overly fond of the yarn I used, and I won’t be using it again (Araucania). I found it to be a little stiff and lifeless.

Although, it could be that I’m spoiled from handling the lovely handspun Merino for so long, and switching back to this yarn is a disappointment.

Current Spinning
I finished up the second bobbin of alpaca, and plied up a nice resulting yarn.

Madelyn 05-21-07

As I mentioned in comments yesterday, I have no idea what weight of yarn I made. I’m thinking it is probably a fingering weight yarn, but depending on what kind of drape I want in the fabric, it could easily be used as a DK weight yarn as well.

If I get the chance, I calculate the yards/pound amount, and see if that gives me a better idea.

Either way, I plan on dyeing this yarn, and I still don’t know what I’ll make from the result.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fiberqat asked, “Did you know Mar tagged you?”

I was behind in my blog reading, and wasn’t aware until I read your comment. Thanks for letting me know. As I mentioned in her comments, I was was very pleased to read what she wrote about my blog, but I won’t be meme’ing myself.

Becky In Iowa made me laugh with, “Oh, and congrats on lighting another shitstorm.”

I never realized Wiki’s were so controversial. And I don’t actually think I lit this shitstorm…I may have built the pile of shit, but I didn’t light it (even though I do enjoy the warmth and comfort of sitting around a nice blazing shit-fire).

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  1. I wish people would get fired in companies for such comments. I personally reported someone (with documentation and collaboration) that made repeated and extreme racist and sexist comments.

    As far as I could tell, nothing was done. I don’t even think he had a talking to. Why? Because he was a director and therefore seen as untouchable by HR.

    I’m sure he’s a VP now, still calling people spear chuckers and dotheads.

  2. You may recall that I was getting recruitment e-mails and mailings from an Air Force recruiter some months back. Since I e-mailed him back to ask about DP benefits and whether David & I could get a military wedding, I haven’t heard a peep.

    Lovely yarn. I have so much fiber that I just need to sit down and spin.

  3. nice sweater, joe!

    the chasm needs to open up and swallow that hating bitch.

    yeah, I was getting sick of looking at jerry’s ugly mug too. took them long enough to bury him. hopefully he’ll fade away since his 15 minutes of fame was up many many years ago.

  4. Oh, Joe—you’re so cute; I love the thought of you and Thad, all snug around a shit-fire.

    The military sucks. There’s no other way around it. They foster hate. I hate them.

  5. i can see the influence of that fab color designer whose name is escaping me in the sweater. gorgeous. as you may have surmised i have cut back on the knitting in pursuit of mandolin playing. only so many hours in the day for leisure……have a great memorial day!


  6. I would hope here she could be convicted under “Incitement to racial hatred” but I fear we have no such thing as “Incitement to hatred of another person’s sexuality” . She is a pretty hate filled individual obviously and most certainly should have been fired.

  7. Oh, Joe, I, too, love the thought of you and Thaddeus making S’Mores over your shit fire.

    Sweater is, as always, gorge.

    BTW, someone else had already tagged you for the Thinking blogger thing — or I would’ve tagged you myself. So there.

  8. lol Just goes to show you have a very diverse readership with very strong feelings on things. I always enjoy reading the comments almost as much as your posts.

    The sweater is quite lovely. I envy anyone able to wear such a sweater. I think someday I just need to get bold. lol

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