Toronto Wants Us

Toronto is the next tourist destination, whose tourism bureau has increased its budget to specifically attract gay visitors.

Can Canada Get Any Better
Toronto is a wonderful city. It’s been about 10 years since I was there last, and it was for business, not pleasure, but it had a lot going for it.

It was inexpensive compared to many of the other places I had been to. It had hotels that really understood what service meant. The people were incredibly friendly. It had incredible restaurants, and it was easy to get around.

I will definitely have to take a look at Toronto as a place to re-visit as a tourist, instead of businessman.

Current Knitting
I got a few more of the novelty scarves finished this past weekend.

Novelty Scarves 06-18-07

You’ll note I still have some loose ends to weave in, but with this new stitch pattern, the scarves knit up very quickly.

In answer to TallGuy’s and others’ questions in comments, the reason I didn’t include the pattern stitch is because it’s not mine to publish. But fortunately, if you have Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (which you should have, if you don’t already), you can find it there. It’s called Twist Brioche, and it’s on page 126.

There is a mistake in the pattern stitch. It calls fo an even number of stitches, but it should actually call for a multiple of 3 stitches plus 2.

Spoiling The Cat
Thaddeus is incredibly good at showing a cat how well loved he is, and it’s amazing how well cats respond. Nico has turned out to be a wonderful little guy, and we feel really lucky to have found him.

Here’s a picture of Nico burrowed into the colorblock cardigan and the novelty scarves I had finished.

Nico 06-18-07

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anne Marie of Philly writes, “In looking at your picture of the felted bowls, I noticed the mosaic pieces behind them. Are they vases or candle holders? Did you make them?

They are candle holders, and they were purchased, and given to us as a gift, if I remember correctly.

Fredda writes, “Thaddeus’ clogs look great. Did you use anything on the soles to prevent slipping?”

No, I really don’t find the felted clogs that slippery, even on our hardwood floors. As Thaddeus and I get more old and decrepit, I made need to start dabbing the bottoms with something so we don’t break a hip or something.

Thanks everyone for their suggestions on espresso (and thanks anonymous for the correct spelling). I plan on trying a few of the brands folks mentioned to see if I can find anything that is better and/or cheaper than we currently use. I agree with Fredda and Marilyn on this so far. Thaddeus does make the best espresso, and if I can’t get that, I do enjoy Starbucks espresso beverages (although I hate their coffees).

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  1. Yay Nico! He’s not fat, Mel, he’s fluffy. (Sorry for quoting Garfield. Or is that Ziggy?)

    It’s been years since I’ve been to Toronto, but I’d love to go back. Although I suspect I will get to Montreal first…if Kathy will teach me some salty French.

    — Self-appointed President of the Nico Fan Club

  2. awwwwwww, thanks for the nico pix! what a sweetie!

    the philadelphia inquirer had a special canada travel section this weekend, with toronto featured.

    have never been to toronto, but have toured montreal, vancouver, and victoria. tout belle!

  3. Don’t finish your novelty scarves, call it abstract fringe. That worked for the street vendor I saw in San Francisco this weekend.

  4. Coming from a big city (Brooklyn, NY) Toronto is wonderfully familiar and yet, unique. It is home to lots of fiber people and places. Montreal, however, is now only about a 3-1/2 hour drive for me and a little taste of Europe whenever I want or need it.

    Regarding the clogs, it was a teenager who told me that his were too slippery. Maybe we get more sure-footed as we age.

  5. Something you should know is that Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada and moves up from 82nd to 47th place in the world. Things are not as they were!

    Now, if you like cowboys and mountains, you should consider Alberta. Although Calgary can be expensive as well (where isn’t), it’s still has a friendly, small town feeling most of the time, along with the big city lights! And don’t forget the Gay Rodeo: — if you like cowboys!

  6. i agree about canada being worthy of our tourist dollars. i’ve been to montreal a few times over the years and always enjoyed the experience. the best part was coming home to the credit card bills that always were a pleasant surprise [thanks to the exchange rate at the time]

    how often can one say that about travel domestically!?

    have a great week!

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